Unhappy with my vented gas logs

ecl3wyattMarch 7, 2010

We have a set of vented 24" heat-n-glo LP logs and we are very disatisfied with the heat output of these logs. We even purchased a blower for these logs and this didnt really change anything, I was inquiring to see if we could purchase ventless logs and install them in the vented insert after I seal the vent pipe off. What would be the issues that I could experience with placing ventless logs in a vented insert with the vent capped and the glass removed, any advice would be great because I really dont know which way to turn because I would like a heat source that I can actually feel just to take the chill off of the room.

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The consumer reports website used to have a brief article available free of charge that explains the safety risks of ventless gas logs and strongly advises against it. They may be a violation in your local building codes. The problem is they cause a build up of fumes and reduce the amount of oxygen in the room. So, if you want to play it safe, stay away from ventless.

The least costly answer to your issue is to call the people who installed your system and ask them to check it out. If you had the system installed recently, they should look it over free of charge. If that is not an option, ask a certified chimney sweep to look it over. That will involve the cost of a service call. When the person comes to look over the system, ask if it is possible to reduce the size of the opening in the flue BUT NOT TO CLOSE IT OFF ENTIRELY.

You should be aware that the system you have is not energy efficient. Most of the heat it produces goes up the chimney. This is the case with any traditional system with an open chimney. The only alternative that would give you real heat and be efficient is something called a direct vent system. Several people, myself included, have written about them on this form. So do a search on this forum to find out about it.

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I agree with haus_proud that you should have a tech from a gas supplier look at the fireplace first.
You used the term "vented insert" which would indicate the logs sit in a metal box inserted into a masonry fireplace previously designed to burn wood. I suspect the term "insert" does not apply.
There may be several options for you to provide heat to this area:

  1. Keep the logset as is for ambiance, and install a Rinnai directvent high efficiency wall furnace on an outside wall, maybe under the window, for primary heat.
  2. Have a sealed combustion, directvent fireplace insert installed in the fireplace with 2 liners running to the top. This is the more expensive option, but will give the look of a small fireplace with mid- efficiency heat output...not designed for primary heat.
    3) If you have sufficient primary heat, replace the HeatNGlo with a Peterson G10 Vented/Ventfree logset. With the damper open it will perform as you have now, for looks. But when you need heat you can safely and legally, in most cases, close the damper and 100% of the heat, and fumes will roll into the room. Before going this route, you should absolutely check with the local gas supplier, and consider if you have compromised immunity or respiratory ailments.
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