Beware of cheap stuff.

goldyFebruary 3, 2009

I brought a book on line.First time user only $5.00 off"The book came to .25.Well each month I was being charged 29.95 plus a 1.00 for this cheap book.It seems I agreed to pay this amount to join a saving club to buy stuff even if I did not.I was able to call my credit card company and they said they would put a stop to it.If any of you have grandparents or old people out there stop by and look at their credit card statements and see if all is right with their bills.If anyone is interested in the company I will send it to you by Email.A complete ripoff.

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No need to beware of cheap stuff...

beware of joining savings clubs with monthly fees!

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The monthly fees were hidden in the book order.To this day I don't know where it was on the order blank.

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What goldy says about keeping an eye on elderly parents is good advice - if you can figure out how to do it without being intrusive. Scammers and thieves don't care what age a person is when they steal.

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