Bleach Stain on Carpet - Ughh!

frank1203January 21, 2008

Hi - I dropped some Tilex on my hallway carpet and now I have a bleach mark about the size of a silver dollar. The carpet is a taupe/beige color. I called a few carpet places, but it seems that no one wants to fix this kind of issue anymore. Can anyone recommend what I should do? I do not want to replace the carpet as it is fairly new. It also cannot be pieced as it is located on the stair landing. thanks.

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It's not a stain. It's bleached, to it can't be fixed only replaced. Sorry.

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I have bookmarked a website that does carpet dyeing for the inevitable time that I'll need it for myself. They do whole carpet color and also custom colors. I have a link below to a page that shows some before and after of bleach spots they fixed. Not perfect, but it beats completely replacing the carpet.

I have never used this business, I don't know them, I just bookmarked the site, so do your own due dilligence on them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpet dyeing Bleach spots

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The link below, I have had bookmarked forever. I have never used it so I have no real world experience with it.

Check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bleach stain removal

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I did the same thing only I overshot from the counter onto the carpet. Do you have a closet that has the same carpet in it? I cut the circle out, cut a fresh piece out of the closet slipped a square of double sided carpet tape to the pad & pressed the piece into it. No one could tell, it was there for six years before the carpet was replaced.
Good Luck!

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Thanks for your idea KAT, but I think cuting out a new piece and pressing it in with double back tape would be noticeable. First off, the stain is in a high traffic area (right at the top of the steps); secondly, the new piece of carpet would be a slightly different color since it has never been tread on and it would not be matted down like the existing area. I did finaly locate a carpet dye man who would be willing to take care of the entire job for $125. I have to send him sample of the carpet to ensure that it is nylon because only nylon will dye according to him.

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I did this with Tilex too...had just moved into a new apartment with brand new carpet. UGH! It was in a high-traffic area too.

I called around and found a carpet place that would dye it, and would come back for no cost if it faded. I think it ran around $100 (but this was in 1997). The carpet dye guys said that bleach products are very difficult to stain as they fade with time. The spot looked perfect for the year that I was there, though it did fade a little at the end. I had them re-dye it right before I moved out.

I would have it dyed and try and get someone to guarentee the job and come back if is fades, especially since it is a high-traffic area.

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The carpet can be perfectly restored by a carpet dyeing professional. Just do a Google search for 'carpet dyeing' and you will find a professional dye technician in your area. A dye technician can perfectly match the bleached area with the surrounding carpet, and the repairs are guaranteed permanent for the life of the carpet. DO NOT CUT OUT THE DAMAGED SECTION to patch it as the patched area will most likely not match the surrounding carpet, and you will always have a visible seam around the patch.

We are a carpet dyeing company that covers Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.
(301) 776-2393

Here is a link that might be useful: carpet dyeing

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How to Video on line, This free youtube video shows you how to dye bleach stains on carpet

Here is a link that might be useful: Bleach Stain on carpet

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On stairs you can just replace one step, just make sure an eletric stapler is used to keep it from comeing loose. Or use carpet dye sticks for bleach stain carpet

Here is a link that might be useful: bleach staiin carpet

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