Help I made a mistake on a Wood Floor Cleaner I used

susanlynn2012January 3, 2010

Help I made a mistake on a Wood Floor Cleaner I used (Sorry so long but I want to explain everything):

Ok, When I had my floors installed, I used an Armstrong product that was good but left my floors with foot prints. Hence, I did research and bought the Bona Hardwood Floor Kit. It came with one bottle of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, One Bottle of Bona Refresher, a telescoping floor mop, a duster pad and a microfiber pad. I have used the Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner now several times and it is great and but I was realizing that I have to use it twice, once to get the dust off (amazing how much dust accumulates in a week (plus lots of deliveries with dirty boxes and delivery guys walking in my home all week) in a home office with all the equipment going) and then again to clean them so they are not smeary and have a little shine.

I decided to stay in yesterday to clean out all drawers, clean my home and make my year start off on the right path so I could be proud to have visitors.

I first spent over 1 hour getting all the dust off of my floors with a few new microfiber mops and a little seltzer. The floors looked great and I thought I would add a little bit of shine to the floors and thought maybe I should try the refresher that says adds shine on the outside since the floors were now clean and did not need a cleaner. I started to read the instructions on the back of the bottle that let me know that it was not a cleaner and was good for now wax floors like I have since my floors are 5" wide BR-111 Brazilian Cherry Engineered Triangulo floors with Aluminum Oxide coating. Then the floor rang and my friend kept calling all day since he was so bored and I kept picking up telling him I did not want a visitor and wanted to clean. When I got back to reading the instructions, he called again and then I forgot to read the rest and started to clean the floor making it at first look shiny when wet. Then when the product was drying it was splotchy. I got in a panic and he called again! I told him maybe I should have used the cleaner first so I then got off the floor and cleaned them waited for them to dry this time and they were splotchy which they never were each week when I cleaned them with the Bona Hardwood Cleaner. So I added the Refresher to get it shiny and the floors looked worse.

I could not sleep and today got up and used a clean microfiber pad with my mop and used a little seltzer to get rid of the cleaner and then used the Bona Hardwood cleaner.

The floor squeaks and I am so upset with myself now that I read the rest of the instructions on the bottle that says to not use on newly finished floors.

I know I get upset with others that make mistakes but I guess I am not perfect either and this is a big mistake I made. I should have not picked up the phone as I was learning to clean and read all the instructions before trying a new product that came with the Bona Wood Kit.

Did I strip the Aluminum Oxide Finish? How can I fix the problem that I caused by allowing myself to be distracted and forgetting that I never finished reading the instructions.

My new rule for New Year's resolutions is for all new products, I will read instructions and type up a label to put on each cleaning bottle for what the product is for and when it can be used or can't be used.

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Sorry meant it was good for "no wax floors" and not "now wax floors"... sorry I am tired for being so upset that I could do this to my floors when I was just trying to make them look nice.

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OK, to bed EARLY tonight relaxing since I should have never pushed the sent button without reading over my post. I meant the "phone rang" and not the "floor rang". I guess from not sleeping and worrying all night about my floor has me very sleep deprived today.

I will try to calm down since I can't change the past and wait for those with knowledge to reply.

I really feel the floor kit should NOT include a refresher and it should be a special order product since it is not good for anything but for stripping the coating off of floors it looks like that are ready to be refinshed.

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you couldn't have hurt the aluminum oxide as its blended with urethane. The good news is Bona makes a lot of cleaners and the finishes to recoat factory finished floors. I'm sure they have a technical dept who can advise you better. I think it will all work out ok. There are far worse things you could have done. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

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Boxers, thank you so much! You and two friends helped me today and now I have calmed down.

One friend is visiting his daughter in Alaska so could not come by but he sent me a link on cleaning residue off hardwood floors and thought maybe it was residue from the product. Thanks goodness I think my friend was right since it looks like it is coming up. First I used the Bona Hardwood Floor cleaning to scrub over and over again with microfiber pads and the areas I was buffing dry seemed to look better. Then I thought I would go to Wal-Mart to buy the Windex with no Ammonia that was mentioned in the article to see if it worked better and it did.

I will never use the Bona Wood Refresher product again! But I do like their Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner product that leaves no residue.

I have now spent the last few hours scrubbing the floor with so many microfiber pads and Windex with no Ammonia and whatever it was is coming off. I even washed a load of them and dried them as well as cut up a microfiber ivory blanket to get more pieces to dry with after I scrub with the Windex.

I thought I had stripped my floors since they looked so bad. I have to go back and do the floors one more time on my hands and knees after this email but I am posting a reply as I eat dinner.

My other friend came by who was local to help me for a little bit and then left but he was right I have to do a small spot and keep rubbing with the Windex and then dry the area with the dry microfiber mop. It is taking so long but I am determined to have my floors look good again so I can focus on my work tomorrow.

If I can't get it all off (the floor looks 70% better after hours of cleaning now and my back is hurting), I will call the Bona company tomorrow.

I do appreciate your email so much further calming me down.

Tonight I am going to get a good night's sleep so I can work tomorrow with hopefully a floor that is pretty again with definitely no more dust on it and not having these blotches all over it looking so ruined.

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I've been posting on here for quite a while and I was the District Mgr for Armstrong Wood Floors for a bit. Too many people really screw up their floors by using grocery store products. They all sound good and I watch the same infomercials as you do, but you never know what they do to your floor. Stick with Bona or products you see in a hardwood store. Avoid all the gimmicks. It might be ok for a floor you couldn't care about but don't risk it on new stuff. With AO minimal cleaners should be the norm. Get some sleep.

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Boxers, thanks for letting me know that you were the District Manager for Armstrong Floors so that is why you are so knowledgeable. I appreciate you investing time sharing your knowledge.

I have never used anything on my floors other than the Armstrong Laminate wood floor cleaner or a Bona Wood product.

The Bona Refresher bottle came with the Bona Wood kit that I ordered or I would have never used anything else other than the Bona wood floor cleaner that came with the Bona Kit and was working so well.

I didn't sleep well from so much pain in my neck, arms and back (had a car accident 2.5 years ago... before that, I could clean or be physically active all day without any pain since I was in such great shape) but woke up happy to see all that work all day scrubbing my floors with the Microfiber pads (had to buy so many) and the Amonnia free Windex paid off since that stuff that was on top of the floors in blotches is gone and the floors look 85% better.

I will try cleaning more when I am in less pain but feel blessed that I had the internet to learn about the Window from that link my friend sent me and feel blessed that you replied calming me down.

I love having hardwood floors and usually they are so easy to clean but I have learned to not pick up the phone or get distracted when I am reading instructions to make sure I am only using what should be used on the floors I have.

Again thank you.

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Lynn, call Bona and tell them what you did and they will give you a remedy.

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Sorry to hear that you had all this trouble : (

I agree with boxers & jerry_t - you should contact Bona even though the blotches are almost gone.


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