Gas Pilot Issues

frank1203March 17, 2009

Hello - I recently converted my wood burning fireplace to gas logs and although I love the ease and beauty, I am questioning whether I made the right decision from a standpoint of inefficiency and safety.

I decided to go with a "standing pilot" as opposed to the elecronic ignition because the company that I purchased the logs and accessories from (Peterson Realfyre), did not offer a variable flame with the electronic ignition. I wanted the ability to control the heighth of the flame so I had to go with eiether a standing pilot or manually lit pilot.

Now that I've been using this for a few days, I'm not sure I like the idea of the pilot burning all the time (even when I'm not using the fireplace).. Not only does it make a "24-7" subtle noise like a blow torch sound, but now I'm being told that I have to leave the doors of the fireplace open all the time, even when I'm not burning a fire, because the pilot will go out and needs to breathe. I was not told that upfront by the installer and it still doesn't make any sense to me. I'm also concerned about also wondering if there is any chance of carbon monoxide issues from this set up.

Unless I want to spend alot of rework money in material and labor and trade in my burner equipment and buy the electronic ignition and a new remote, I am forced to stay with what I have. I also realize that I am the one that made this decision because I was insistent on the luxury of a variable flame which again, was not offered with the electronic ignition.

So, are there any compromises or alternatives, you can think of in this case? Do any of use a standing burner with your gas fireplace? Whats your experience with it? I guess I could always relight the pilot everytime I want to use the fireplace.

Any feedback would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Having a lit pilot does waste some gas and is old technology. I have a set of Peterson logs and for cost reasons and the space it takes up chose not to get the electronic ignition and valve. When I want to light it, I just grab a long necked lighter and manually light it. If you really don't want the pilot, have you looked to see if you can shut off the gas to the pilot and then light it manually instead?

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