removing paint drops from brick fireplace

cleanfreakMarch 10, 2007

I have a red brick fireplace which has white paint drips all over it. I assume the paint stains are from another owner painting the ceiling and walls. How can I remove the paint? What is the easiest way to clean the entire brick front once the paint stains are removed?


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Unfortunately, because brick is so porous, it's very difficult to remove paint from it effectively as the paint absorbs into the brick. The best way is to hire someone to sand blast it (which will also clean the entire brick front), however, this method is pretty messy when done indoors. If it's just small drops you can try scraping them off with a wire brush. But be careful not to brush too hard as brick is relatively soft and the brush can leave marks and/or discolorations (try it on a small area first). Paint remover can also work although it may not be effective in getting the paint out of the pits and recesses in the brick. As far as cleaining it goes, it depends what you are trying to clean off. If it has whitish deposits you can acid wash with muriatic acid (pool acid) but be sure to follow the directions carefully and wear gloves and eye gear. If it's soot, some household cleaners may work. If you decide to have it sand blasted, that will clean everything off. Hope this is helful.

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