asbestos flooring in a basement

polishqueenJanuary 18, 2012

My daughter and her husband are looking to buy a house and have looked at one with old asbestos tile in the basement that got wet when a steam heat pipe broke years ago. It is in pieces in some spots and looks bad. Would they pull it all up or would it be better to just cover it with wood and carpet. I am concerned with the water damage and the fact it is broken. The realtor said it passed inspection, but they have a two year old and she has allergies already. It is a very large basement and it would be costly to have it all removed. HELP!!!

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Can anyone tell me if it is dangerous to cover broken asbestos tile with wood and then carpet or another type of flooring?

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"cover broken asbestos tile with wood and then carpet or another type of flooring?"

This is a very common fix.

The asbestos tile is simply encapsulated under the wood.

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If a homeowner cannot afford the expense of professional removal, and won't DIY the work, then encapsulation is an acceptable means of dealing with the hazard.

I would not recommend any wood below grade, although some wood floor constructions below grade can be successful if designed and installed well. However, the expense of building that wood floor construction might approach the cost of simply hiring a certified contractor to remove the asbestos containing materials. The decision rests with the homeowner.

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"Asbestos on its own is already plenty dangerous for human health, so why risk it?"

Do you drive a car?

That is far more likely to kill you than asbestos from tile.

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