Do you love your eating table?

stu2900January 19, 2010

I'm talking about the table that you and your family use for most of your meals. I'm wanting to get a new table and chairs and was thinking about Canadel, but then I read that people are getting glass tops because the wood was scratching so badly. This will be our only dining table, but it's right off the living room and can be seen from the front door, so it needs to look nice. I've been putting off this purchase for a long time, but I really would like to get this room redone this spring. DM says I should just keep the table I have, but I think it's just too country looking. I'm looking for something more traditional.

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I have a 48" round Canadel table. I love the size and shape for my space. Much better than what we had before. The top does have some surface scratches, but they only show when the sun shines directly on the table. What bothers me more is my inability to get the top clean without it looking hazy.

I wish I didn't hate placemats or a tablecloth wouldn't drive DS crazy when he did his homework there.

Totally Confused

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I just don't understand paying a lot of money for a beautiful table and having to put a tablecloth on it. The set I have now has a laminate top on it, everything else is wood and really doesn't look bad except it's not the style I want. I don't think I'd mind using placemats so much, but I'd have to find some place to store them.

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Take a look at Bassett custom dining. I've had a table from them for 7 years and it has taken some hard times with 4 kids. We eat 2 meals a day at this table & it still looks new. One of my kids even wrote on it with permanent marker & it came right off. Their tops are made with an endurance finish. I just ordered another table from them, just because I want a new style (counter height) but I went back to them just because of this finish. Only the custom dining offers the finish, though.

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