semi- inside chimney for woodstove

bobtMarch 5, 2009

i get the gist that most people in the know recommend a chimney that's "inside" the living space, as opposed to the often seen stainless liner running up alongside the house---"outside". what about this.... i'm considering a small woodstove for my small house (864 sq ft ranch with well insulated basement walls and heavily insulated attic) which i'd like to locate along a wall in the main living space which has, on it's other side, and enclosed but unconditioned porch---the enclosed porch has 3 1/2 inches of polyiso in each cavity, and the ceiling and floor have 5+ inches. in western pa. right now it's 22 degrees and my porch is showing 36 degrees. this is a difference of temperature of 14 degrees. is this porch space "interior" in the sense that people use it when describing the preferred "interior" chimney location? i would like to locate the burner on the wall opposite the area of the enclosed porch, and run the correct double/triple wall stainless in the "interior???" space of the porch and up through the porch ceiling. for many reasons, this area of my house would be the best place to locate the burner, but i am aware of the importance of the chimney---that's why i asking. thanks

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Interior chimneys are better - and the colder the climate, the more this applies - for two reasons: they draw better and they are less inclined to accumulate creosote. Even the best stainless steel chimney pipe has little thermal mass. This means that it cools down very rapidly. This in turn means draft is less each time you start up the stove until it warms up and creosote tends to condense on the cool interior surface.

In your particular situation, the porch is better than a truly exterior chimney, but not as good as one fully inside the house. Anything you can do to increase the pipe's insulation and thus its abilty to retain heat will help. If there is a good stove dealer near you, having someone look at the proposed installation is probably the best first step.

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