Report on new Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Stove

DrynDustyFebruary 6, 2006

We've had our Quadra-Fire Santa Fe pellet stove for one month already and are quite pleased. We enjoy the warmth of the pellet stove, which is quite different from that of the propane central heating it replaces. The stove took 6 weeks to arrive and was installed by the supplier. It heats a 1600 sq. ft. single story house.

We've had the repair man out once when the stove wouldn't start up. The problem was the brain box was loose. There is a trouble shooting section in the manual, but the three reset buttons are difficult to find. The repairman showed us where those buttons are.

Also, some times the stove doesn't start spitting out pellets when it kicks on. I have to push the reset button then, and it starts up. For this reason, I leave the central heating at 60 when we're away, in case the pellet stove doesn't start. I may call the repair guys again.

The stove makes a fair amount of noise, which the blowers on most of the time, and the rattling of pellets dropping.

We've been using about one bag of pellets a day or less, which is great, as our propane bill has been above a $100 a month. That's about $40.00 a month for pellets. The stove cost about $2200, installed with through the wall exhaust and fresh air supply. At that rate, the stove will pay for itself in a year or two.


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We purchased our Santa Fe pellet stove in Jan. 04, and we've had very good results also. The only thing that's sort of a pain, is having to clean out the burnpot and clean the glass once a day, but the pellet stove saves us so much money on our electric bill, it's well worth the effort.

Tip: Clean your glass every single day - it only takes a few seconds if you clean it daily. And make sure you take out the baffle plate and the 2 cast iron plates about once a month to clean out the ash (the instructions are in your owners manual) - they pull right out, there are no tools required. I'm a fanatic about keeping my stove cleaned, and ours works day in & day out all winter long, and we've only had one problem: the very early control boxes in the Santa Fe had a problem with the capacitors overheating. We had ours replaced for free under warranty, and the newer style control box is clear plastic, with a big metal strap that acts as a heat sink (I'm sure that's the kind of control box yours has). We've never had a problem since.

Congrats on your new stove!

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Congratulations on your smoothly functioning stove. As I write, the stove hasn't started up for two hours and it's starting to get cool. I'll have to go in and kick it or something.
Actually I'll call the repair guys in the morning.

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Here a couple things to check:

1. Sometimes, the rod that you push/pull to clean out the ashes from the burnpot can get a little tough to move back & forth, because clinkers build up. Make sure that the plate in the bottom of your burnpot is fully closed and "seated", with the cleaning rod pushed all the way in. Even a little bit of space or air flowing through there might upset the vacuum switch, which will keep the pellets from feeding.

2. Unplug the stove. Make sure the snap discs are not tripped (push them in gently just to be sure). While you have the stove unplugged, go ahead and unplug your control box (the big, clear plastic box). Wait a minute or two, and then plug it back into the slot.

3. Plug your stove back in and see if it'll feed now.

That's about the only troubleshooting that you can do as a homeowner (other than making sure your stove is clean and free of excess ash and clinkers). ~Most~ problems are caused by a bad control box. The dealer should have one in stock, since Quadrafire uses the same control boxes for many of their stoves. If he's coming out to check your stove, he'll probably swap out the control box.

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If your pellets are on the longer side, lets say 1.5 inches are better, they can bridge the hole in the auger tube and jam against the motor. There are two screws , one on top one on the bottem of the auger motor assembly, NOT the 4 screws that appear to hold it on. Take em off, pull the auger and make shure that fines are jammed below the rubber gasket.
Dont forget that it only takes a few long pellets to do it, they dont all have to be that long.

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This is the first winter using my quadra-fire pellet stove.
I woke up this morning and the fire in the pot appeared to be orange. The glass was turning black and so was my fake logs.
The fire was also higher than usual. The pot was filled with ash, half burned pellets and embers. I shut the stove down immediately. As I cleaned the stove I found that the plate in the bottom of the fire pot was not closed all the way. It scared me to think that there could have been a fire when I was asleep. I didn't think that the stove would start up or the pellets would ignite if that plate was opened. Is that not a safety factor?

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Did you ever get that issue worked out on your pellet stove? I was looking into getting that stove for my upstairs fiewplace (the insert, not the stove) and am looking into all of the inserts I've seen to get the best for the cheapest.



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We've had our Quadra-Fire for three years, now and no complaints. It's our only heat and we enjoy it a lot.

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