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norwegaFebruary 23, 2009

Background-we live in Seattle area, in a split level house, no door in stairway from downstairs to upstairs. Temperature downstairs is up to 10 degrees colder in fall/winter/spring, so is uncomfortably cold, often below 62 degrees. We currently have a freestanding fireplace which doesn't produce any heat no matter which type of wood log we use. We have a natural gas heater. Downstairs is less than 500 sq ft, but expect that heat will rise through the stairway, which is ok. Power outages are not uncommon, and we don't have a generator for the furnace fan, so using the stove for heat during outages is vital.

We are getting quotes from local sellers of free standing gas stoves. One has suggested the Jotul Allagash DV, heating area of 700-1300 sq ft. Is this overkill for us?

I understand Jotul is known for quality. What about Napolean, Heat&Glo, Vermont Castings? We like the Jotul style.

The removal of the old fireplace will be the first step in our remodel of the downstairs to make it more functional.

What options/features should we consider?


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Make sure whatever you get has direct vent technology. Do a search for direct vent on this forum for posts that go into it in detail.

Recommendations? Jotul is known for quality, and we have a gas insert of theirs that we are pleased with. But be aware that their 800# customer service is not for "retail" inquiries. It's dedicated for dealers/installers. So if you have questions, they won't help you.

Vermont Castings also has a good reputation, and their product line looks interesting. But I have no personal experience with their products.

To deal with the problem of heat rising to the second floor, leaving the first floor cold, you might consider installing a ceiling fan that works opposite to its summer setting -- pull air up toward the ceiling so it bounces back down and gently distributes the heated air that rises to the ceiling and brings it down. You can use such a fan ONLY if you have a direct vent stove. Depending on where your stairs to the second floor are located and how wide the stairwell is, such a fan might or might not benefit you.

Whatever stove you decide to get, make sure your installer is really good, because these devices are a bit complicated to put in, and you want somebody who is detail oriented and can get it right.

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Well, we still haven't decided on a freestanding gas stove for the downstairs family room. We did a complete remodel of downstairs last summer and so have waited to save up the $ to get the gas stove.
In some reviews of Quadrafires it is noted that they get too hot to touch? I don't remember the Jotul having that issue.
any other info on Jotul or Hampton? I'm looking for a medium (up to 30,000btu) direct vent natural gas stove that can vent up about 3 ft and then out the outside wall. We had the vendor for Jotul out and it was possible to do that. We're in a split level and the downstairs, where the vent will be, is about 5' below grade.

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