low-height sleigh beds

zugzugJanuary 4, 2010

Hi Everyone,

My wife and I want to buy a king size sleigh (or sleigh with a low-profile footboard) bed, but there is a catch. Our bedroom is the upstairs of our house and the ceiling is angled so the back wall where the headboard would be is only 49.5" tall.

I've been doing a lot of research on different beds ranging from no-name stuff at overstock.com to stickley. So far most of the beds we've found that would work are either cheap (and possibly poor quality?) or really nice and out of our price range (we'd like to keep it to $1500 if possible). Any thoughts on any of these?

Bed Option 1 (my wife loves this one based on the picture)

Bed Option 2

Bed Option 3

Bed Option 4 (saw this one in person, it seemed "alright" for the price)

Bed Option 5 (this is pushing it for height and probably out of our price range)

Bed Option 6 (love this one, but it's pushing it for height and way out of our price range)

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Guess I'll reply to my own post:

It looks like most of the beds on overstock and on amazon (including the one my wife likes) are made by homelegance. Apparently you can buy these beds at target as well. They are pretty cheaply made from the sounds of it. Thin footboard/headboards and a couple of people have reported that they fall apart after a couple of years. I've found a couple of more brands to look at though (bernhardt, cresent, mobel, etc). I'll add some more links if I find anything that works.

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Ok, got a quote for a Kincaid Chateau Royale Sleigh Bed that is within my price range and is made from solid maple. So far this seems to be the best option out of all the stuff I've seen so far.

Any thoughts? How much of Kincaid's stuff is still made in the US?


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depending on size you might be able to get one made to your specs by an amish shop. prices vary greatly so look around. we bought our king size louis phillipe style sleigh bed seventeen years ago for $1500. it's solid cherry and is still in fine condition. i'm looking for a new bed now but will use this in a guest room. several friends have ordered custom furniture from various shops -i recently put in an order for a breakfast room table, and i've always heard good things.
when in doubt, google! good luck!

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Bah, the kincaid bed isn't solid maple, it's solid wood with a maple finish. One dealer said it's mostly birch with a couple of maple pieces and another said it was made from limba (Some kind of African hardwood). Both claim to have checked with the factory so I'm not sure who to believe.

I called a couple of Amish dealers and they can put something together for me in the $1600-$2200 range depending on the wood. I really don't want oak (the lower end of the range) so I think that's probably out.

I haven't ruled out the kincaid yet, but the search continues.

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