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n2cookinFebruary 25, 2008

I worship my woodburning fireplace! We suffered an ice storm in December knocking our power out for 10 days. We are total electric. I had just had major surgery so leaving our home wasn't an option. We kept our fireplace going 24/7. We slept in shifts as we were afraid of a log rolling out while we slept or an ember popping across the carpet. Our little fireplace kept us toasty warm for 10 days and nights burning 2 ricks of firewood. I can't imagine a home without a fireplace or a home that has one and is never used. Growing up we didn't have a fireplace, so to me, it's a luxury!

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Glad everything worked out, but whenever their is an extended power outage around here, their are always a rash of chimney fires. It pays to keep your chimney clean.
I love my fireplace too. I've been burning oak from a tree taken down this winter that was standing dead for 2 years. I've never been able to burn wood right after cutting & splitting.

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