EiklorFlame gas logs..Anyone know them?

HeyPearlyFebruary 21, 2005

I just stumbled across a 5 burner (YES 5 burners!) set of gas logs by Eiklor out of IN. They look unbelievably real. Saw a set burning recently and was blown away. Looking for any input or anyone owning this brand of gas logs. They're pricey, twice the cost of the standard issue brands. But, if they back the product and look so real, where's the catch? I think they're realitivly new to the market, 5 years or so I guess. Any one??

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I saw the same thing but it was a picture. They sure look good.

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WOW Just looked them up. They are very realistic. What do they cost?

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I've gotten prices on the 30" set anywhere from $1049 for manual model, to $1650 for the remote. Dealers are few and far between, haven't found anyone that wants to install or service unless you live next door! I'm really loving the look and the product seems to be exceptionaly well made. Still, without a local dealer for recourse...it's a worry. I'd pay the $$ if I was certain there would be a service guy available. My last(horror story)Peterson log set was a nightmare, don't want to go there again! Wish there was a positive experience person out there to share his Eiklor story.

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For that kind of cash, a gas insert would be a better choice.

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How do you like the Eiklor? Is it really worth 2x the price of the Peterson? I'd love to hear any feedback, as I am looking now (and it turns out the local shop only carries Peterson!). Thanks.

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Hey Lurker3197!
I've purchased my Eiklor log set directly from Eiklor as there was no dealer close by. As it worked out I was very lucky. My firebox is a Rumford and a very large one at that. They custom built the log set to my odd sized needs. I must say they were extremely helpful, very prompt and a genuine pleasure to do business with. That being said, the overmantle and surround are being built and not finished yet, so my log set sits there in the box just waiting for installation! WARNING!!Do not buy a Peterson! I had one and it was the dirtest thing ever. It took me almost a year but they eventually took it back. It would soot up and become totally black in 15 minutes or less. The flame is inadequate and in a fixed position at all times, not realistic at all.Shipping is also a problem, I had logs arrive broken and smashed four times! Peterson is NOT what it advertises itself to be. Do Not go there!
I traveled to two nearby states to get a look at the burning Eiklor in person. It is so realistic and so beautiful, the decision was a no brainer. IMHO, the Eiklor is head and shoulders above any and all other log sets available today. It's more expensive yes, BUT, you get what you pay for.
We are restoring a 230 years old home and authenticity is extrmely critical to me. The Eiklor fills the bill. Just bite the bullet and GO FOR IT!
Hope this helps with your decision.

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We built a home 4 years ago and upgraded our log inserts in our gas fireplace to a set of Eiklors. I believe they were a 3 burner set at the time but looked very realistic in the showroom. We use them almost every night during the cooler months here in St. Louis. We have never had a problem or an issue with them and we enjoy them very much. Our house is very open and while they do not heat the house they do a nice job of taking the chill out of the living room they are installed in. We have already enjoyed them a couple of nights this year.

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Give us an update on how the Eiklor logs are performing for you, please. We are still in the market.

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BUMP. My Eiklor logs are being installed this evening. I'm very excited to finally get them working. It's currently a delightful 4 degrees here in NY. I'll let you know how they look AND how much heat they give off in a day or two.
The logs alone look fantastic, and that's unlit!

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And . . . you now think the Eiklor logs are . . . ? when burning? Inquiring minds are waiting.

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Hi Everyone, the report is finally ready! Here goes:

The logs are in, burning and wonderful! The set up and install was a piece of cake. The company provides a video and a set of instructions that make it a snap. It took less than an hour and we were fussing with the detailing quite a lot. The whole thing is factory set and burn tested before being sent out, so most of the set up is already done for you. My gas lines and everything else was already set up from the Peterson we had before, so we only needed to connect the gas line, test for leaks and we were good to go. Eiklor really does most of the work for you.

The logs are big and beautiful. There is a good deal of detailing and the logs are very realistic lit and unlit! The burner pattern is awesome! Flames lick up between, behind, below, around and under the logs, so gorgeous! We have an exceptionally large firebox, it's 50"W X 38"H. Eiklor built the log holder and provided logs to fit and fill this opening. The appearence is unbelievable, soooo real. The quality of the logs themselves is amazing, they are very heavy, the bark is so natural, the ends of the logs are detailed perfectly to look like burned or cut or split logs. No way do they look artifical, not at all. The best part is they arrived in perfect condition, not a chip, crack or break on even one. My previous set was a Peterson,and each time they shipped a replacement for a damaged log it arrived broken. It took months to get a set that was only slightly damaged. Eiklor is perfect from the get-go.

The heat factor: Yup! they do give heat, plenty of it. Not just standing right in front of the fireplace either. The room it's in is 18'X26', a good sized room, and the Eiklor heat was a noticible improvement. The flame control is infinate, from a very low fading fire to a rip roaring blaze, it's awesome!

IMHO, there is no equal to the Eiklor available in today's market. I researched extensively, for months, before finding the Eiklor set. I hit 3 states and looked at dozens of brands, when I found the Eiklor I knew the search was over. The cost was more that's true, but you do truly get what you pay for. The thing is warrenteed for life! No one else gives an all stainless steel burner either.

We are still tweeking the glowing embers to get the perfect look. Initally we put on too many embers, after a bit of fiddling with them we found the thinner and the more air space between them gets a beter "glow" to the ash bed. We also noted that we can stack (very gently)the ember material to increase the glow. It's a wonderful thing!

Finally, one feature we really like is he ability to arrange the logs and twigs as we like them, there is no set method to the stack. Most other sets have a very specific order for log placement, often not the most pleasing. All in all, we're thrilled with this log set and would strongly encourage anyone considering gas logs to seek out an Eiklor and then decide. It's a no-brainer! It is a superior product in every way!

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Thanks, Pearly!
Now we will drive to New Milford or Nanuet to check them out. But first, a question.

We've been looking at Golden Blount's Texas Stack which look pretty realistic. The down side is, based on the info we've gotten at the factory, that you must place the gas valve and the black metal box side by side with the logs, meaning you have to order a much smaller set of logs than the width of the opening they fit into.

Some of the other brands seem to allow for placement of the metal box out of sight BEHIND the log set, allowing you to buy the widest set of logs that will fit.

Where is your operating apparatus in relation to the logs?
Any pictures?

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Hey AnnaLee!
I didn't realize you were in my neck of the woods. Forget the trip to Nanuet, they don't carry them any longer. The place in New Milford carried them last year but, did not have one hooked up to burn. They might have it burning now, I'd call first. I went to a place in NJ to see one burning, not way down, only an hour or so south of the Hudson Valley. I'll see if I can find the address for you. It's funny that you are also considering the Golden Blout, that's the other brand we were looking at as well. Homeclick carries them as well as the Peterson. Let me warn you, once you see the Eiklor, the decision will be made for you! It's that outstanding.

My gas valve is located at the left side of the logs(where the gas line comes in). The Eiklor can be built to your specific needs and placed wherever you desire. No extra charges either. There is no black box to deal with. This is a very different set up, much more carefully thought out and planned. The valve is not a large projection as with the others. Once the coals are in place it virtually disappears, but is still easily accessible. My logs fill the firebox, without any gaping space at either side.

BTW,is Golden Blout available in your area for service? I can't stress strongly enough that you wait to see the Eiklor before making your final decision. One last point, the Eiklor comes complete with very generous amounts of glowing embers, coals, twigs,and all the miscellanious stuff that you need to BUY from the other brands. Watch out for the "extra's",they add up fast. I never gave it much thought, but if I add in all the "extra's",(that you really need for a good look)I'll bet the Eiklor is only a little more than the others. When I bought my Peterson I added in extra glow embers, pine cones, a special large pinecone to hide the black box,more coals,and a bottle of log cleaner. To clean the Eiklor just spray a mist of water on the hot logs. Free cleaner!

If you have any questions call Eiklor directly. They return your call promptly, and most likely it's Fred Eiklor himself. Fred has been in the gas business since 1942, and he and his sons have been in business with the logs for almost 25 years. They are extremely knowlegable and they product is very high quality. I have spoken with them on several occasions and the professional yet personal and caring way they delt with me made me even more certain of my choice. I wanted to be absolutely certain I was spending that extra money on a quality product. I did.

Let me know if I can be of any help. If you are fussy like I am, you won't be happy with the usual, sort of real looking, log sets you'll find. The ability to design the placement of the log stack is so nice, you'll love it!

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Thanks for providing more detail! Eiklor is certainly worth a trip to investigate. I called NM and they now have a set hooked up & burning, so we hope to get up there within the next few days.

Golden Blount - we saw the Split Texas Bonfire burning at Novecky's in Danbury. Berkshire Fireplace carries the Texas Stack, which we thought we would prefer to the constant look of the split set-up; however, they have never unboxed and hooked it up and are very busy selling inserts and stoves, so we don't think that's going to happen this season. DH traveled to TX on business and went to the factory shop to view them. He liked the Texas Stack very much and could buy directly and save $$$, but he did not like the idea of the black box reducing the width of the log set, so he passed until we take one last look around at other choices. Enter Eiklor after reading your praises.

Thanks again for giving more information!

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Hey AnnaLee!
Just checking in to see which logs set you decied on. Is it Golden Blout or the Eiklor? When I went to NM last year the owner wanted to read the newspaper and basically ignored an interested customer. Go Figure?

We had a recent power outage here, it lasted 8 hours. I fired up my logs and believe it or not, the house didn't get all that cold. I did have it open full blast, so the kitchen/great room was VERY warm. My house is a 2 storey colonial w/center hall, about 2800 sq. feet. We're happy with my log choice, 100%! Keep us posted. ((+_+))! Pearly

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So funny you wrote today, pearly. I just opened the thread to write to you. We finally got back from the holidays and got up there today! Lo and behold, they had Peterson, Golden Blount and Eiklor all on display; that was convenient to be able to compare in one stop. We had a very helpful salesperson actually.

First, we can see why you fell in love with the Eiklor logs. They are unquestionably superior to the other brands. The logs and that flame are great!

We did not like the Peterson logs. Their set of GB's is smaller and not as nice as the ones we have seen at other dealers & the factory. This salesman pushed the Peterson's over the GB; said he had seen soot with GB, but not with Peterson.

DH is having a hard time with the $1,500 Eiklor quote we were given - I was expecting a few hundred less. We are buying sets for two fireplaces and he sees us being able to get both sets of the GB for that price - actually even less from the factory shop. The GB are not as appealing side by side, but are still very nice on their own if they are not next to the Eiklor. If we were furnishing only one fireplace, I would push for the Eiklor, but I think we can settle for less than perfection in this case. We are beginning to think that actual log placement has a lot to do with soot problems and we hope to avoid it.

I am so happy that you are pleased with your logs - I know you must be enjoying them; they are fabulous. Thanks for being so very helpful; I am glad we got to see them. Who knows, mabe there is an Eiklor set in our future down the road!

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Hey Pearly,
I am considering 30" Eiklors this week. The dealer wants $1125 + installation for them. I told him $1125 is too high. I see I can order them online for $1030 delivered. Are you still happy? I looked at every type of insert, and they all look lame compared to the Eiklor logs. I don't need them to heat the home, but some supplimental heat in my large drafty living room would be nice. What do you think?

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I am really interested in two of the 18" Eiklor sets, they look awesome...but my local shop (Yankee Doodle) want's $1,400 each for them. I am also in your neck of the woods (Fairfield, CT and work in Danbury). Can you let me know where to get them online...I searched and couldn't find them anywhere for sale...only local stores.


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Anyone have a problem with horrible soot just on the logs.
My installer told me that Eiklor tends to do this. I somehow doubt it. Any input anyone

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Who was your installer? Is he a certified gas plumbing technician? You need to make sure you have 1/3 flame in the front and 2/3 flame in the back. Eiklor logs do not give off horrible soot unless you are using propane and have it on at least more than 6 hours a day. Any logset will soot up if it is hooked to propane. Also if you have torch looking flames on your front burner, calm them down with quarter size embers place in between the grate stokes and burner. Hope this helps :)

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I guess, I am one of the peeps who has both. Eiklor and Peterson.

Peterson in a 36" and installed 6-8 years ago and working great. Not as hot or large flames as the Eiklor but a nice unit.

The Eiklor was installed 2 weeks ago and (of course) is much larger (42") and throws off a large flame and throws out a lot of heat.

We will wait out the rest of the winter season and perhaps we will have the Eiklor installed in the living room (36").

Prices: Eiklor was about $1100.00 installed and they wanted (current prices) about $900.00 for the Peterson. No real comparison between the 2 units.

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I plan converting my existing masonry, wood-burning fireplace and will be using the Eiklor 5-burner gas logs. I'm not sure whether to get the "old-fashioned" valve that has the pilot light constantly lit (unless it's turned off), which means (a) the damper always has to be open a few inches; (b) potential "hissing" noise; (c) carbon monoxide potential. Or, get the electronic ignition, which means the pilot light is out when not in use (and no manual lighting of the pilot), and the damper does not have to be open when not in use.

My fireplace has the damper on top of the chimney, not in the throat of the chimney.

With the electronic ignition, my installer tells me that there is a potential that the flames will eventually "fry" the ignition box (which is located inside the fire box).

I'm wondering what others have done.


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bump - I'm looking at Eiklor logs and wonder if anyone has had any sooting or other problems. Any and all comments welcome!

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Hello - I'm trying to find out what the BTUs are on an Eiklor 304-2 Series. Does anyone know this?

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