Difference between vinyl planks and vinyl sheet

killinsnakesJanuary 16, 2011

I am trying to decide on new flooring for my older (1960's) home and it's hard! What exactly is the difference in vinyl wood planks and vinyl wood sheet flooring? And why would or did you pick one over the other? I'm looking at laminate wood and these two and having a very hard time choosing. As I have found out, it's not cheap and I want it to be right. I have a small cairn terrier (translate to lunatic dog!) and sometimes a wheelchair on it and me for foot traffic. Thanks.

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I haven't used the planks but we just had sheet vinyl installed in the basement, and this is my impression: Planks are better if you want to DYI, sheet is in and done quickly (by someone else), sheet has no seams to deal with (peeling up or leaks from doggie), planks may be better if you want to avoid pattern repeats. We used sheet mainly because our basement floor is uneven and that was the simplest way to deal with it. We also have a dog (very old and somewhat incontinent) who sleeps there, and having no seams was a plus. The sheet vinyl certainly wasn't inexpensive, and installation was a big part of the cost; I imagine DIY planks would have cost less. Because I was not sure how wood-style sheet vinyl might look (pattern repeats etc), we used a tile pattern. I am very happy with it; it's cushioned, warm-ish and surprisingly non-skid for our dog. I've been impressed with the look of the wood pattern vinyl planks that people have posted here and in the Home Decoration forum, though. I haven't seen that in person, or the wood-looking sheet vinyl for that matter, to really be able to compare the way they look, though.

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There's much more to it than previous poster. Most plank vnyl is called luxury vinyl plank or solid vinyl plank. The qualiity of this normally over sheet is 20 fold. Water will not hurt it should a basement flood for example. Clean up the planks and reinstall them. Throw your sheet vinyl away and laminate also.A repair is easily made with vinyl plank. Sheet goods you will always tell. Laminate can not take water period. Sheet goods and vinyl plank you can. Nafco makes an excellent vinyl plank. The pattern repeat is really a mute discussion point. On a wood plank with today's technology, there is no difference. Vinyl planks with purchased proper adhesive do not come up...period. Vinyl will curl on edges with out proper transfer Cushioned vinyl will tear 50 times easier. Vinyl planks are a really good purchase for realism and durability. Sheet vinyl is less money

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killinsnakes, we installed the Novalis (Lowe's) vinyl planks in our Family Room, Mud Room, laundry and powder room 2 months ago. If installed properly, as Floortech says, there should never be any issues with water or the planks coming lose.

I really don't care for the "wood look" sheet vinyl. IMHO I don't think it looks anything like real wood compared to the planks. We have gotten numerous compliments on our Novalis floor -- everyone thinks it's real wood till we tell them otherwise. In fact, I love it so much, come Spring, we are probably going to pull up the carpeting in the adjacent Den and install it in there too.

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Thanks. I have just about decided against the laminate flooring for now. I have been thinking about Pergo or Alloc. Have a sample of Alloc at home right now. Loved it until this morning. I let a little bit of snow melt overnight on it, and this morning it was warped. 6 hours to warp at the seams. I have a small dog and accidents are going to happen! I would have been sick if I had spent that much money on the floor to have the seams pop on the first accident. I will check onto the planks also. But for now, back to the drawing board.

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some of the vinyl planks are absolutely gorgeous. Not fake looking like laminate and very durable. I've seen some incredible installations in wineries etc and they look outstanding. I think they are very long term and won't look dated or cheap like laminates will.

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