Broyhill furniture quality

rwaterhouseJanuary 8, 2007

Anybody have any experience with Broyhill? We are thinking of purchasing their Attic Heirloom Barn table, chairs, and sideboard, but want opinions first to make sure it is worth the $$.


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"If you love the look of flea market treasures but long for the durability of new furniture, explore Attic Heirlooms by Broyhill."

Sounds like a bit of marketing hype to me, especially the part about the "durability" of new furniture. I would look pretty closely at any new piece of furniture and check what is solid wood and what is plywood or particle board. Plywood is fine for certain components, but particle board hass no place at all in decent furniture. Even if parts of the piece are solid wood, if they're screwed into particle board, you can count on it coming loose sooner or later.

The furniture companies do a good job of making a piece look nice in the showroom, but whether or not a piece will hold up over time is largely determined by materials and construction methods. Don't be shy about asking questions or looking under or behind a piece of furniture to check its construction.

You don't mention a price, but whether or not it's worth the money is totally up to you. You earned the money and can spend it as you please. Just know what you're getting before you hand it over.

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I have bougth quiet a few pieces of Broyhill furniture before, some that I had for 8-10 years and sold (they looked almost new) and just bought an Armoire from them. I have been very pleased with their quality and have not had any issues with either their upholstery pieces or their wooden pieces. I think they are a great value for what you pay for. I am helping a friend with some furniture buying right now and recommending Broyhill for her also.

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There was a thread a few months back where people were very unhappy with this table (see link below).

We were interested in it but after reading here I ended up ordering the American Era counter height table by Broyhill and if it didn't arrive with the finish marred. The store where I purchased it (Belfort Furniture in NoVA) agreed that the table was defective and reordered it for me. It's now supposed to be in by the 17th of Jan (from an original order date of Sept 7th and a reorder date of Nov 10).

It seems Broyhill does have some issues with their table finishes! :(

Here is a link that might be useful: Attic Heirlooms Farmhouse Table

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I went back and read the thread for Broyhill quality and wanted to add this. I have the Attic Heirlooms computer armoire. The finish has completely worn off where the mouse pad is and where your wrist rests. It is really strange that the finish would wear so terribly like that. I have only had it a couple of years and have not spilled anything on it. I also have the attic heirlooms blanket chest and have had no problems with it at all. I think it might be because it's a piece that doesn't get touched a lot like a table or computer desk. I like the looks of the collection but would only buy any of it as a side piece if that helps any.

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I have seen several pieces of Attic Heirlooms that were built with breadboard tops. In particular the dressers and dining tables. They all cracked at the joint where the pieces were perpendicular to each other. Broyhill tried to use solid oak for tops, which were thick. The wood moved considerably, causing cracks.

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We also have the computer armoire and have had it for about 4 years. We don't have problems with the finish rubbing off, but one of the doors won't stay shut. Nothing major, just an annoyance. I've loved the look of the piece, though.

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I've only had an upholstered piece from Broyhill (a couch). The cushion collapsed within 2 months and they wound up taking it back and refunding us under warranty. 'Nuff said IMO. I'm not sure I would buy a Broyhill piece again - I would have to really, really love it.

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I have the Attic heirloom barn table and chairs.
I love the look of the table but the finish started coming off after a short time and its just 2 of us at home now. It seems to be where my hubby eats at .Other than that I just purchased the black buffet table and put a plasma tv on it. It seems to be holding up.

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anybody know where I can locate the broyhill attic heirlooms blanket chest in the natural oak stain? I know it is discontinued but I have been trying to find one for a long time now. I'd appreciate any help you can give me!

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