Leather Sofa Choices - Elite, Flexsteel, Ethan Allen

SolobizJanuary 1, 2013

There were older postings about various types of leather sofas but I thought I would try and start a new one. I hope some of you leather couch experts are going to see this and reply with your experience and/or opinions. I am SO confused! There are a zillion leather sofa options out there. We want to get one that is made well and is going to last. I found a photo of an Elite leather sofa that looks really nice but I can't seem to find a local retailer that has it in stock. It is the Lenoir style. Does anyone have this sofa in San Remo dark brown leather? How is it holding up? We have two medium-size dogs with scratchy toenails so we need a leather and cushion/frame system that's going to hold up to that. The other sofas we are thinking about are Ethan Allen's Richmond sofa (really nice but really pricey!) or maybe a Flexsteel sofa. We sat on a Cruise Control Flexsteel sofa but like the look of the Comfort Zone sofa better. I would love to get anyone's input/experience with any of these brands. Thank you!

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After you have chosen an appealing design choose your furniture from the inside out.

Study frame and spring construction, cushioning as well as tailoring. 5/4 Solid hardwood is better than plywood (manufactured hardwood or kiln dried hardwood plywood) and 8 way tied is better than no sag. Ask about cushion options such as qualux foam.

If you want it to last it has to be built to last.

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2 medium size dogs with scratchy toe nails, you will have a tough time to find leather that will not scratch to some degree. Actually the heavier pigmented leather, ie: cheaper leather will hold up better against claws when compared to the softer higher priced semi-analine dyed leather. Better if you could scratch test a sample of the leather from either manufacturer. I have seen too many times where pets have destroyed a nice piece of leather furniture.

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Glad you posted this as I am also looking at leather sofas and recliners. I am considering the Ethan Allen but have not heard of Elite, I am also looking at Omnia and Palliser if you have any thoughts on those please share with me. Thanks!

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You should look at Hancock & Moore. They're supposed to be the best. The lower grades are better for pets. I just ordered a Hancock & Moore tufted chair in Caress Mocha (which is a Grade II, I believe) for the very same reasons as you: scratches. I currently have another leather that scratches really easily and isn't distressed so that it blends in. My dog loves the chair.

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I have a loveseat and two chairs made by Elite in Passport Latte, and not the style you're interested in. I have no pets, either, but I can attest to it's durability w/grandchildren. It's held up beautifully for five years now. It's also very comfortable.

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We purchased a leather sectional made by Jaymar, which is manufactured in Quebec, Canada. We looked at and sat on alot of furniture before making our decision. We really liked the comfort and quality. The store we purchased it from also offered a 5 year protection plan, which I don't usually take, but with 3 cats and a teenager, I thought it was worth it.

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FYI protection plans don't cover cat scratches. In fact the only animal damage covered by these plans is if your pet has an accident on the furniture. The reason for this is animal scratching, chewing etc. is considered potentially repetitive damage. For example the cat could scratch the sofa, it could be fixed and the cat could do the same thing again the next day.

If you are making a claim and you have a pet it is best to never mention your pet.

Look at your plan and carefully follow the procedure of how to make a claim. If you don't follow the procedure they won't honor the claim. Save your receipts and paperwork as you will need them if you ever have to make a claim. When you make your claim they will ask you questions, like when did it happen. Your answers will determine if your claim gets paid.

Jaymar makes a well tailored product as many Canadian companies do. They used to make some more high styled products but have settled into a more classic design. They had a rocky spell when the Canadian dollar rose relative to the US dollars as was the case with many Canadian manufacturers but apparently they managed to get through that.

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Chicgeek by the way, some people may not agree with me, but I do think the protection plan is a good investment.

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