Direct venting a pellet stove

kandkwiFebruary 28, 2008

Has anybody here direct vented their pellet stove? We would like to put one in our basement, but not have to have a chimney running to the top of the house.

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No experience with one, but I saw a "Ask This Old House" episode the other day where they did just that. It looked like pretty staight forward installation. The installation by a pro, didn't seem to take more than 4 or 5 hours. Hard to tell on a 15 minute segment though.

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They can be vented horizontally. Can you run the vent through your basement wall?

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I am also looking for some advice about venting a pellet stove. Is it better to go through your roof or through a wall? My wall is brick.

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You always have to vent in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.

If they say that you can vent either vertically or horizontally, then you can use whatever method is best for your application.

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Yup, you can save money by not having to install a chimney. Do you have a daylight basement or one that is partially above ground? If so, venting horizontally should be doable (though make sure to check with the manufacturer of the model you want to buy).

I'm sticking in a link to a blog with a pellet stove category. Looks like some of the links might have helpful information.

Here is a link that might be useful: pellet stoves

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can I vent a pellet stove under a deck or how close to window do we have to be and can my vent pipe run between two windows

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As someone who just purchased a pellet stove (not installed yet), check the stove manual's recommendation. Manuals are usually available online. Most manufacturer's (but not all) will allow you to go within 18" of an operating window as long as an outside air kit is installed. Some will not--as we found out after ordering a Quadrafire Sante Fe model only to find out our inspector would not pass the installation with a window closer than 4' since it was not specified in the stove's manual. We had to cancel that order and choose a different stove. There is a great site that gets much more activity than this one--to to; they can answer most all of your questions about stoves there.

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