Protecting wood table with a glass top

sandpapertongueJanuary 11, 2011

We got a beautiful wood table to use as our everyday dining table. It's lovely, but I didn't quite realize how messy toddlers can be. We have a table cloth right now, but then you can't see the wood at all, so we're thinking of getting a glass top for it. Does anyone have any experience with a glass top? Is that tacky? Is it analogous to people who kept the plastic on their couches?? (Like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Also, is 1/4" thick enough, or should I go for the 1/2" inch? Also, do you need the little rubber/felt spacers, or can the glass sit directly on the wood? If there are spacers, can't liquid/food get underneath the glass? TIA!

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I think it's a matter of taste. I believe glass tops are fine. 1/4" should be plenty, 1/2" will look funny, IMO.

You do want to have an air space underneath. Otherwise, liquids will wick in via capillary action and you can destroy your table before you realize it. Avoid the clear plastic "bumpons" as spacers. These can eat through a finish via a phenomenon known as "plasticizer migration." I always recommend stick-on felt pads to people.

About 30 years ago, I had a cabinet shop make a slip-on cover for my wood table. We used it for every-day use when we had 3 young children. It is similar to an island countertop, but slips right over the table and slips off for formal use or to add leaves. One of my daughters is having one made for her everyday table as we speak. Ours and hers will be covered with HPDL ("Formica") in the color and style of choice. Just for reference, her cabinet shop is quoting her just under $400 for her topper.

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I have a Canadel dining table (and just got another one with week for the kitchen) -- I had glass made for it. No regrets -- the table was scratching with every day use. It is more of a pain to clean but that is the price you pay for real wood.

I do not have anything under the glass (rubber spacers) -- the only time liquid gets under there is if the kids spill and it travels under there -- we immediately slide the glass over and clean it up.

For the record, we also have glass over our night stands and our wooden desk.

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I personally don't like the look of a glass top over a beautiful piece of natural wood. I have 2 maple tables from Saloom - I use table pads for my DR table when we use it and my round kitchen table is slightly distressed & I use chilewich placemats (love them!) & have had no problems. BTW I highly recommend Saloom furniture - the quality is amazing.

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