Did somebody lose something ... or are my eyes playing tricks?

joyfulguyFebruary 25, 2007

Seems to me I saw a discussion here relating to a fellow who used to offer worthwhile financial advice on a variety of subjects around here and who identified himself as relating mainly to the mort*gage field ...but didn't sol*icit business, so far as any of us could tell.

And whose byline we haven't seen for a time.

Who is rumoured to have been banned.

When some of us asked about the issue ...

... saying that we believed that this forum would be somewhat lacking without his continued advice ...

... no answer forthcoming.

And - now I can't find that discussion thread anywhere - has anyone seen it?

Maybe it rolled under the chesterfield (sofa, or whatever) ...

... or maybe the dog ate it?

Anybody seen anything or heard anything of it?

Some of us would sure like to find it!

Have yourselves a great week, everyone!

ole joyful

P.S. I was thinking that it should be possible for us to keep that thread at the top of the heap for a time ...

... guess I forgot who's in charge - and possibly unwilling to accept what some of us feel to be legitimate suggestions?

o j (not orange juice)

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OJ, when the minions disagree with the power base dissent is quickly squelched.


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I guess big brother really is watching...(and deleting)

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I've heard nothing about my request to reevaluate youknowwho.

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Think they may have used that "magic eraser" advertised at the top of the page?

o j

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o j
there was a whole thread I think in the house selling and buying on dave you might check there

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o j
I looked and couldn't find the thread
i guess because so may people were complaining that he was banned they maybe just deleted the whole thing

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This is a shame. I check back on this forum now and then just to see if this has been resolved. The fact that it hasn't been, and that I haven't gotten a response to my post to the mods about it, has given me a less positive feeling about these forums.

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Anybody heard from Spike??

Maybe he's sunning on a tropic isle.


Come back!!

How long did you guarantee that you wouldn't start a competing site???

We don't mind if you spend your money here.

o j

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Are you there?

Are you alive!

Yeah - enjoying the fruits of his former labours!

Have a happy week, everyone.

ole joyful

P.S. Hey I can offer some good financial advice.

I might like a bit of a tip, if you find it useful ..

.. in a couple of years ...

... maybe?(;^o)

(Tongue planted firmly in cheek).

o j

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Hi Ole Joyful,
Here I am! Thank you very much for the support!!!
Dave Donhoff
Strategic Equity & Mortgage Planner

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The story's gone ...

... but the authour's back!!


We can do without bathwater - as long as we don't lose baby ...

... permanently!

Welcome back, Dave!!

ole joyful

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