vinyl plank in a bathroom?

jmt_bostonJanuary 26, 2014

I am looking to replace old sheet vinyl in the bathrooms of a rental property. I've looked at big box stores and flooring specialty stores, but the options in sheet vinyl are pretty bad. All the stores are now pushing "luxury vinyl tile" (or plank) and the pattern options available are far better than in the sheet goods. I've read about the issues wirh the stick together plank, specifically the Trafficmaster Allure, but there hasn't been muck posted on the click-lock plank. Has anyone installed it in a bathroom (over a plywood subfloor in my case) and how has it held up? Any recommendations, thoughts or warnings? Also the stick together floor thread is quite old at this point, any more recent experiences, and how has it held up?

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You can get quality sheet vinyl at an independent flooring dealer. The only way I would put vinyl plank in a rental would be to glue it down with flooring epoxy. Messy, but permanent.

Have no comments on the products you mention, as I have no experience with them.

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Just tile'll last forever.

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Hi, we have the Traffic Master Allure in both bathrooms with no problems. I want to say it's been in there around 5+ years or so, can't remember exactly when we installed it.

My daughter was a teen still living at home, and I have 2 sons using the downstairs shower now, one is 21, and the other 14 , and the floor is still holding up very well.

I've never seen the peeling up of edges that I hear so much about, and it's the easiest floor to clean too. We're planning to install it in the kitchen soon also.

Hope my experience helped you a little bit...

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