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bellheadFebruary 3, 2012


First of all thanks to the people that run the site,

I have a question, had a wood stove where I used to live and recently moved into a new home and being so far south wouldn't have considered getting a stove again but for the fact that my wife loves it. We have about 3 months of "cold" weather where at night it drops into the 40's and if its bad 30's.

The question I have is I have a house with a wood burning fireplace and it has a metal flue, I need to find a liner that is allowed by code to go into the metal flue.

Can anybody point me in the right direction.


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If your fireplace has a metal liner you probably have a zero clearance unit. A prefab. No problem. You just get an insert that's certified for those units. Just about every manufacturer has one these days. They'll install a metal liner inside your chimney and all will be just fine.

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