'Real' Full-size bed with rails etc.

marys1000January 16, 2006

It seems hard to find a "real" full-size bed. Mostly

it seems they offer the headboard you can bolt to

a metal frame.

If anyone knows of or sees a "real" full-size bed,

preferable platform or with a footboard that is

small/low please let me know? I'm not asking for

people to search for me but if you happen to be

bed shopping and see one.

I have bought plans and am about to make my own

(which I do not know how to do!:)



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I know what you are talking about. They are almost impossible to find.

I bought mine at Ethan Allen Furniture.

I think I remember that Restoration Hardware sells them also.

Actually I found when I was shopping for a new bed that ANY 'top of the line' furniture maker sells all their beds in both full and queen.

So expect to pay top dollar. You probably won't find them in lower end chain stores.

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Well I brought this up because the one bedroom suite I was looking at in Thomasville store didn' have a full bed, just the headboard.
Are they not high end enough?

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Why not look at the antique stores? Usually they only have full-size beds and they're usually high quality.


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I also bought mine at ethan allen. They had a couple styles in that size. They also have a platform in that size too.
Mine is a four poster and we are very happy with it.

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I looked at Ethan Allen and they have 3 or 4 that. Nice but not quite the style I was looking for. That in itself its probably the biggest challenge but maybe I could compromise a bit.
I found some platform beds at
simplyplatformbeds dot come but have no idea what these would be like and am reluctant to buy on line.
Also double checked Thomasville sites, Mobel and Lexington. Full up, not just headboard, full size beds are hard to find. I'm not up for the hit or miss approach of antique shopping.
I was originally thinking of making something simple myself and am now wondering about getting something made?
My problem is that I don't want a regular size footboard. I want a very small or low profile footboard or even none. Typically you only find that in a platform bed. But it makes a full size bed with rails etc. even harder to find.
Then, if I'm going to be in a platform bed I don't want to use a box springs but want it to be normal height (easier on you when you have a bad back).
If I found one I liked with the low/no footboard and a headboard I actually liked I could live with a box springs.
But otherwise the only thing I can do is get one made?

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I believe that Ethan allen told us that we didn't need to purchase the footboard. I don't know how that works though
I would suggest visiting an Amish store.
We have a couple near us and you can pick out high quality wood items to be made by them and then even pick out the wood and stain you want. We were VERY impressed with the quality of the peices we bought for our kitchen and they had a lot of beautiful stuff. It is made for you, so I am sure you could give them a lot of specifications on what you would like.
the only problem is that you don't see what it will actually look like untill it is finished. The shop we went to said if we didn't like the peice that we wouldn't have to buy it but luckily we didn't have to deal with that.

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Did you check the big "O"? it's the website they won't let you post here (email me if you don't know the name). I did a search for full size bed and several platform beds came up--not sure if the size is what you want.


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I work for a furniture store that sells unfinished full size beds...complete with footboards and wood side rails. I can also get platform beds in full size, with/without footboard. If you don't get a footboard, company suggests you purchase end panels, which would be like no footboard, but would cover up the open end. I can give you some websites if you're interested. Price wise, depending on where you live, would be about $350 and up. The platform bed would cost the most.

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I just bought a bedroom set at American Home. It is classified as "children's" furniture, though. Seems like you can only get queen or king beds with the grownup furniture, and twin or full with kids.

Anyway, the line was Cambridge Court and it comes with either a platform or a sleigh bed style.

Here is a link that might be useful: Legacy Classics

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Discovered the same issue a few years ago, then after looking for a while, found that you can get them at unfinished furn stores, and stores that sell similar furniture but finished, i.e., locally made stuff not the big name brands.

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I appreciate all the input. I have to relook, seems I looked for unfinished furniture in Omaha and didn't find much which was sort of surprising - except that there is one furniture store that dominates the whole town and sort of drives out the competition.
Whimzkl - I tried your my page for your email but there wasn't one - if you recheck this thread I would appreciate the websites.

I took the advice and found some Amish stores 50 and 150 miles from here and one 150 miles away said they have a guy that will make me a bed if it isn't too elaborate. Boy - does that complicate things. Now you have to figure what do you really want?
If I want a mattress on a platform but regular height - will it look toally weird to have the legs that long? Exactly how much footboard if any? Yow.
I am going slowly and still looking and thinking and trying to decided. Any inputs still helpful. Went to a furniture store yesterday that carried Stickley. Ahhhh. Stickley. I could live with all Stickley forever. If I win the Lotto........

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I forgot - I checked the Legacy Classics website and its pretty nice looking furniture I'm not sure the curved headboard of the Cambridge classic is quite what I was looking for but if all else fails it could be an option.
But as the sterotypical overweight 50 year old - will children's furniture hold up?

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We just took delivery of our Legacy Classics furniture and in my opinion it is extremely well made and sturdy, and will hold up perfectly well.

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Did you see the "Innovations" line? It looks similar to the headboard on the twin beds you just posted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Innovations

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So I guess I should be looking at children's bed sets.
Bob Timberlake for Grandkids, Legacy.
Thomasville doesn't seem to have a children's line.
Any others?

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Try www.macofurniture.net for the platform bed. Putting together what you need for the bed can be a little confusing, so don't rush thru it. Other sites are www.khouryfurniture.com and www.woodamericafurniture.com. Good luck! Cathy

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If you have a decent idea of what you want and can't find it in the stores, I'd recommend getting it custom built. But find somebody who can take your ideas (height of mattress, footboard style, etc.) and can come up with a design for you (they don't HAVE to be Amish :) ). A good custom furniture maker/woodworker should be able to do this. The advantage of this route vs. buying from a store is that you can get exactly what you want, it can be as unique as you want, and if you find a decent builder the furniture should last for generations. Of course, it probably won't be cheap, but it shouldn't be a piece of junk that'll have to be replaced, either.

BTW, if you're not experienced at building furniture, I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself.

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I just got the new Room and Board catalog and it seems like all their beds come in every size.

Here is a link that might be useful: Room and Board

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I don't know if you are still looking, but Crate and Barrel has some platform beds, some with low footboards and some without foot boards.


I came accross these while I was looking for a an *upolstered* fabric headboard bed. Something else that is impossible to find anywhere! I even checked into having one made because I didn't think they existed. I have my heart set on the 'Tate' model they feature in their catalogue.

*Good quality*, modernistic bedroom sets are hard to find. Most modern designs are plastic and particle board or the 'assemble it yourself' stuff.

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