LPG Modern 6ft vented fireplace

napavinesFebruary 19, 2010

Hi Building a new home in Napa area and we would like to have a vented LPG fireplace 6ft long 20" deep with a 18" opening. "Spark" and other manufactures have this product but outrageously expensive $6k - $10k per unit. I have found a site that can supply the burners pans, regualtors all for way under $1000 (moderustic.com). All is good except (i) not sure sure how to build find as firebox - will likely have a local mason build a masonry (yellow brick box) and (ii) was told that under Title 24 (Cal. energy code) would need to have glass over the openng and exterior air vent

I definitely have seen new construction with these types of modern fireplaces open without glass on openings. Any insight help on either point welcomed.



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