Help with Jotul F 500

johnw_2010February 25, 2010

I have a Jotul F 500 Oslo, and have had it for 4 seasons now. I have always loved it--it heats my 1000 sq ft basement office very well. But in the past three weeks or so, I've been unable to keep a hot fire in it. It's as though, when I close the door, the air cuts off and the fire just cools down and will eventually go out if I don't maintain it constantly. The damper is always wide open, so that couldn't be the problem. It's never done this before. Any idea what could be the problem?

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I don't know anything about Jotul's but try out this web site.

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Check your chimney for blockage. Sounds as if the draft is insufficient. If the chimney's clear, then wood that is not dry enough would be the prime suspect.

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I have a very old Morso, non-catalytic. Mine has a smoke shelf inside above the doors. If I am burning really hot fires, with really dry wood, it sometimes fills the top of the smoke shelf with very fine ash and the stove won't draft correctly. My shelf is removeable but you need Hercules to remove it and clean it, so I usually just get some kind of a tool and scoop the ash down into the stove again. It also seems to burn less robustly if I let too much ash build up in the bottom. I had one chimney sweep who did not clean off the smoke shelf after sweeping the chimney and it really goofed up the drafting until I figured it out and cleaned the soot and ash off the shelf myself. If your chimney isn't blocked, you might check and see if you have a shelf inside at the top that has too much ash on it.

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