How much is this Henredon Leather Sofa worth?

nolesmom2011January 3, 2012

Hi everybody! We bought a storage unit from a friend who got divorced, stored his stuff, and then never wanted to see it again. He moved away! One of the items we have that is absolutely gorgeous (but doesn't in any way fit into our design style) is a Henredon leather sofa, custom made. It is a three-cushion sofa, dark brown leather, VERY masculine design. Contemporary/modern, but almost looks like it would be in a Bogart movie at the same time. Since Henredon doesn't even list prices on their website, I've come to the conclusion that their furniture is in the "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" category! Why don't we just ask him how much he paid for it? you may be thinking. It's a bit of a sticky-wicket situation -- he doesn't know exactly, as he just picked out the design he wanted and his then-wife ordered the furniture! Thanks for any hints, ideas, etc.

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See if you can find out what they are going for on eBay or CraigsList.

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Well you could always call the company and maybe get a round about figure. Obviously though you are not going to get out of it what was paid for it. Put it on craigslist with a price and see what happens. Leather is fabulous. By the by what state are you in? If close might be interested in it.

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Dear Noelsmom why not post a picture of it here. I'll bet their is a reader who will know what you've got. It sounds nice you might want to see if you can find a place for it in your home. If its kind of transtional as described it might fit it.

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