Cruise--Advance Credit Card Information

scarab4lifeFebruary 19, 2014

In a few months, I am going on a Hawaiian cruise booked through AAA Travel. The agent has requested my passport and credit card info in advance. She claims the cruise line (Norweigan) requires the information before the cruise date. I don't mind sharing my passport info, but not my credit card info.

Have any of you had experience with this practice?

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I have never had to give them my CC number, but I traveled with a tour group that I paid so my part is prepaid. Maybe it is like a hotel, you have to give your number to make a reservation. Call another agency and ask for another opinion.

Also you might not know that a cruise ship usually charges $10 a day for tips. If you are on a weeks trip that would run you $70. If you are going with your husband it will be $140. It does get expensive. I did not like that and I told them at the desk not to charge me. I like to tip people I deal with personally.

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I would think this would be standard since they will give you a key-card that you can then use to charge any extras during the cruise and then have it all on one itemized receipt. Getting the CC information in advance can help speed up the check-in process on boarding day.

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We signed up recently through AAA for a Royal Caribbean Cruise in September. We had to give passport and CC information to pay the down payment required. When I emailed AAA for a receipt and asked a few questions.. one being when our date was to pay the balance.. They replied "Your deposit of $500 has been processed by Royal Caribbean and your final payment will be charged to the card on file July 1, 2014."
That was news to me.. but I was watching over hubby's shoulder when he filled out the online AAA travel form to sign up for the cruise where you enter all that info.. I suppose it's possible that there was a box checked regarding the rest of the balance being charged to the card.. I'm not sure.. or something maybe in the terms that I'm sure we had to check a box for .. They did seem nice and helpful enough in their reply.. and either way we will be paying from that account on that date.. so I'm ok with it I guess. I did like that we got a couple of extras going through AAA like A Complimentary Soda Package and One Dinner for two at a Specialty Restaurant on Board the ship in addition to the extras from Royal Caribbean :)

Have a great trip.. This will be our third Cruise through
Royal Caribbean.


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