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gardengirl53February 26, 2010

Well I screwed up my measurements and had my direct vent fireplace installed 4 inches to high. I wanted the hearth to be 18 inches off the floor and it is 22. The drywall isn't in and I'm debating on whether or not to have it removed and have my carpenter lower it and have the fireplace company come back and reinstall it 4 inches lower. They will I'm sure have to extend the flue. Is that a TREMENDOUS amount of work. I'll have to call them Monday to find out but I thought I could get emotionally prepared previous to hearing it. Do any of you know if its a HUGE job. Thanks is advance

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I had a similar problem when I had a direct vent insert retrofitted into a traditional prefab fireplace. There was this ugly gap below the firebox that needed to be covered with something that is pleasing to the eye. Since the surround that our insert came with is matte finish black cast iron, we opted for black iron that would blend in. That turned out to be a custom-crafted steel piece that was powder-coated with a black matte paint finish that blended in very nicely.

I guess the key question is: What's covering the 18 inches off the floor, the measure you requested? I would guess it is some kind of decorative "cover", and now you have a gap of about 4 inches that you need to cover. If there is no technical reason why 22 inches is a problem, and the only reason this is a problem is that there is a gap showing, my suggestion is that you have installed some kind of "cover" that will go over the full 22 inches.

You didn't say anything about the style of the fireplace, whether its surround is cast iron or ceramic or slate or whatever. I would just cover the 22 inches with something that blends in. That would be much less costly and disruptive than repositioning the firebox and all the rest.

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