Jamestown Pellet Stove smoking up the house

hawkes2381February 25, 2008

Over the last week or so my Jamestown pellet stove has been giving off smoke into the house. I have clean the stove two or three times in the past week and the stove keeps smoking. I notice many black pellets within the stove everytime i cleaned the stove. The stove has been giving off a burning odor as well. The first thought that came to my head, was the pellets were bad. The pellets were wet. I want to the store and bought some new pellets. Is there a bigger issue going on with the stove. Does anyone have any advise? Thany You


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A good place to start would be checking the flue and vent to be sure it's not plugged up with creosote, debris or a dead animal. If the vent is plugged, the smoke will not be able to vent properly and will be much more likely to vent into your home one way or another.

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