harman accentra pellet stove...love it!!!

laura17517February 15, 2005


I just wanted to share that after a lot of research, talking with others, and just plain thinking time, we had a Harman Accentra Pellet Stove installed today.

My husband was skepticable, as he didn't think the heat from the living room (where we had the stove installed) would reach his office at the opposite end of the house.

He has since determined that this was a good investment. We leave the house fan on all the time and with it on and just the circulation of the air naturally the stove does wonders with taking the chill out of our home!

We are keeping the fan on low, the pellet feed rate at 3.5 and the temp. set at 70 degrees and it is running extremely well.

Thanks to all on this forum for your input.


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I am thinking about the same thing but cannot make my mind up . Did you install yours where you are watching TV ? I am very worried about the fan noise .

Thank You

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We have our pellet stove in our great room, where our tv is located. Yes, the fan running definitely does make noise...and perhaps you will need to turn up the tv volume one or two notches - but the amount of noise from the fans is not bad.

I leave mine run on medium speed all the time (high speed generates more heat; but it also has quite a bit more noise from the fan). On the other hand, at low speed you can barely hear it at all.

I would compare it to a room air conditioner. I'm sure some brands have fans that are quieter than others; but all make a certain amount of noise, especially at higher fan speeds. It's something that we got used to very quickly; and we don't even think about it anymore.

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I agree with Brad's comments. We do not have a TV in the same room. Running the fan on high does compare to a air conditioner.

You can hardly hear the fan on low and it still puts out a good amount of heat.

The "noise" is just the rush of air...nothing mechanical sounding. Even when the pellets are pushing through the auger, the noise is hardly heard at all.

We purchased a hard wood pellet that breaks apart fairly well so we don't have the clinking sound when they push through the auger.

We are still pleased with the unit :-)

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Just another quick note:

We ordered our stove in January. The dealer indicated Harman was to have a price increase in February but couldn't tell us what it was expected to be. He did tell us that Harman was one of the last manuf. to increase their stove prices. Thankfully we are paying the quoted January price.

The guys that did the install indicated that with the type of stove and the size of our house, we shouldn't use more than 1.5 tons of pellets per season. We paid $160/ton this past week for a good quality hard wood pellet.

We also purchased the battery back-up as our house is 100% electric and we frequently have outage's (though they don't last long). Most of our neighbor's have propane. We didn't choose that because of the price of fuel and we don't like the look of the tank sitting outside the house.

Three weekends ago on a Saturday morning (first decent snowfall of the year), the heat pump stopped pushing hot air and the house was at 50 degrees. Heat Pump problem has been fixed, but we now have the thermostat back so we don't have to worry about the "blue light" and we can enjoy the pellet stove.

I grew up with a wood stove and my parents currently have a soap stone stove which is lovely. It is a lot of work to cut down, split, stack and haul the wood (we help them out when we can). My parents were over to visit us last night to look at the pellet stove and were impressed. We still have to buy the battery and will be running the back-up and battery wires under the floor into the basement where they will sit on a shelf.

The Harman has an excellent warranty that is a great selling point as well.

Hope that helps!

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May I ask how much the battery back-up is? How long is it supposed to last?

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I am thinking about getting a harman accentra. How offten do you have to emty the ash pan?

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Have had my Harman Accentra Insert for 2 years now. My home is 2200 SQ FT on 2 levels.. The Accentra is located in my great room at one end of the house. I manage to heat my entire first floor with it. I like to keep my house warm at 70 to 71. The first year I was in the home without the pellet stove I used 1100 gallons of oil. Once I got the stove.. My consumption for an entire year went to 600 gallons. Its a great product and a great investment!

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