Carolina Custom Leather - Any Opinions?

newenglandgardenJanuary 23, 2014

Hi, new here, hoping someone has some advice. I have been looking for a leather chesterfield that would be the same look but better quality than the ones at Pottery Barn. Carolina Custom Leather makes one I like and it costs less than the Hancock and Moore, McKinley, and Whittemore-Sherrill versions. Our local furniture dealer says it is equal in quality, but it's a new company and I can't find ANY reviews online. We won't be able to see any of the sofas in person and I'm nervous. Has anyone ordered from them before? Or is anyone willing to take a look at the website and tell me whether you'd feel comfortable taking a flyer on an unknown company? We just want a comfortable, nice-looking sofa that will last a long time and hold up to kids - I don't need the absolute "best." Thanks!

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NewEnglandGarden, I think the best way to look at your potential purchase is to review the construcion methods of the sofa. Examine the frame construction, spring construction, cushions, leather quality and tailoring. If it all looks good and the price is right it is probably worth considering.

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Thanks. There are multiple brands that all seem to have the same construction - 8 way hand-tied springs, dowels, made in the USA etc. But Hancock and Moore costs so much more. Is that just marketing?

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Newenglandgarden Hancock and Moore makes a very nice product but they are very expensive. I suppose as in anything else in life they get what they can based on the perception of their product in the mind of the consumer.

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@newenglandgarden did you ever decide to buy from Carolina Custom Leather? I'm in the same boat. I believe Leather & More in Hickory, NC is associated with them & I can't find any reviews on them either.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leather & More in Hickory

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The sofas at Leather and More do look a lot like those from Carolina Custom leather and they both look like the sofas from Legacy Leather of Canada. They look pretty well made. I know Legacy uses a hardwood frame and a drop in coil spring. I am not sure what Carolina uses for their spring. Study the tailoring and then make an evaluation.

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Thanks so much for the input Freethinker99, much appreciated! I forgot to ask Leather & More if the springs were drop in (rep just said "our guys actually 8-way hand tie them"). He also said their furniture is locally made in NC. I'm leery as they show 2 other locations in NC that have closed. Their warranty is from "CCL", but I can't find the association of CCL and Leather & More anywhere. Too much unknown for my comfort. I will look into Legacy further as I really did like the product & they were going to customize (taller cushions) without an up charge.

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I've purchased from Leather and More about 2 years ago. I have one of there CCL sofas and love it. I was also worried about not knowing of the brand name. Then I did my research and found out that many of the big names makers don't make furniture the way they did years ago. To make a long story short, I love my sofa and am glad I was able to save a few dollars in the long run.....

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