Value of Old Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

FTHBFebruary 5, 2011

Hello all,

I bought a home that has two older wood burning fireplace inserts. I do not use them nor see myself using them in the future and looking to sweep and seal the chimneys. My co-worker offered to buy them from me but I don't know their value. Anyone know of a way to get them priced?

Thank you in advance.

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When you say "older", how much older? if they're pre EPA then they're "Smoke Dragons" and are polluters. They should be sold for scrap.

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It depends on the brand and the condition, between $50 and $600 each. No, they should not sold for scrap if they are in good shape and someone can use them. Older inserts and stoves don't have to be smoke dragons- it's how they're burned. There's a volcano in iceland that erupted last year, that's a polluter, these older stoves are likely fine pieces of american craftsmanship that could be put to good use helping a family stay warm; a family that might not be able to afford a newer stove.

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My next door neighbor has a Fisher stove. The Rolls Royce of stoves in the 80s. But when she damps it down it shuts off all the air and the wood smolders... and smokes.
When the EPA regulated woodstoves, Fisher went out of business. As did 90% of stove manufacturers.

Now there are some great old Vermont Castings stoves still out there as many of my neighbors have had them since the 70s. But most of the old steel stoves are better off scrapped.

Parts are a major problem with the defunct brands today and then some amateur jury rigs a repair and the house burns down.

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Anywhere from 1 cent to 1 billion dollars.

With no information on maker, condition, age, heating capacity, etc., there's no reasonable expectation of anyone providing a decent appraisal of value.

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I have three old wood burning stove doors, one with scene
of Romeo and Juliet on balcony -any thoughts on value of
these doors.

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