Finding a discontinued fabric

nerdJanuary 26, 2012

Does anyone have suggestions on places to go to find discontinued upholstry fabric. I am looking for some fabric to upholster a couple of new dining room chairs to match my existing set. The fabric is by duralee and is style number 13410-337 and is called ruby novelty. The manufacturer indicated that this fabric is "old" and is no longer being produced. Any assistance is appreciated. I undestand that the name "ruby novelty" is not unique to this pattern.

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Im afraid that wont be a easy task especially if a patterned design, as most fabric companies that buy-up discontinued, close-outs, 2nd"s etc. they dont have any reference to the original style number/name of fabric. Their are many fabric outlets online and you can can search on all Duralee fabrics in their normal stock, but not in their close-out stock, if and when they post a image of the fabric, you could possible find that way. Pattern fabrics are dropped and added almost on a daily basis, but solids are around much longer- years even.

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nerd-From your other posts, it sounds like you might be in NC. I know in the piedmont area there are several upholstery fabric stores many with discontinued fabrics. I would do a search for fabric stores/outlets/warehouses in the Greensboro/Burlington/High Point/Kernersville/Winston-Salem areas. You will likely just have to go take a look yourself vs. being able to give someone that name & style #. Hope this helps!

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Hi - Help! I am also looking for a fabric - need 6 yards of Kravet pattern number 28055 ("out of the box"), color 1623 (spa).

Would appreciate your help!

Thanks, Lisa

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Fori is not pleased

If you fiddle around with Google, there is an image matching function. Go to "images" and click on the little camera in the search bar. Sometimes it works. You could get lucky.

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If you are in North Carolina there is a very large discount fabric retailer in High Point that goes by the name of 1502 Fabrics. You may get lucky with them.

Another company to try would be Loomcraft in Burlington, NC.

Also, have you tried contacting Duralee directly? Although the furniture manufacturer may have discontinued the fabric it may still be made or in stock at the mill. Even if it is not, they may be able to give you the names of retailers who have bought the fabric from them in the past who may still have some available.

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I'm looking for 17 yards of a discontinued Kravet fabric:
Pattern: 22134 - Poodle Boucle
Color: 919 - Persimmon
Can anyone help me? Thanks so much!

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Hello I am looking for the same. Can i get this stuff at affordable rates and with warranty?

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