Top 10 Furniture Brands

resalesallyJanuary 2, 2010

Lucky enough to live in NC but have no clue which furniture brands are best. Could you help please?

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Do you have a price range in mind or were you just wondering, in general?

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I don't know if they manufacture furniture in NC, but I am partial to Baker (which I think is now called Baker, Knapp & Tubbs). Excellent quality.

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Hickory Chair!

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Stickley and Durham seem to have really good reputations around here. Seems like once you get up into that price range it's also worth looking at handcrafted furniture. There's a couple other brands people have mentioned around here but I don't really know how they compare so I'll leave that to someone else.

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Although they get raves from some, I would avoid Harden Mfg. furniture made in New York. They look good, are marketed as high-end solid wood furniture, but they apparently consider plywood to be a "solid wood". I know...I unfortunately bought a bed that was very expensive & it has plywood head- & foot-boards. Very cheaply made & misrepresented in my opinion. Like an idiot, I bought without actually seeing the product. I'm just glad I didn't also buy the nightstands, chest of drawers, & armoire which I did see in person, because they had no drawer stops, only wooden glides, etc. - none of the features normally present in quality high-end furniture. Harden is "all-show, no-go" as far as I'm concerned. Check out Simply there's some quality furniture!

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I love my new Hooker family room tables. Solid wood and upscale design.

Good Luck!

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Are you sure about your bed? What collection is it from? There are two Hardens. One Harden Furniture (New York)and Harden Mfg (Alabama). Two completely different companies if you have mfg on it it is not New York Harden.

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I agree with jake5. Harden is usually solid wood furniture, unlike chinese made furnture, which looks glamorous but is made of veneers and poorer quality woods.

Harden Mfg, is Haleyville in Alabama.

Harden is Upstate NY, and I have visited their show room. If you truely think it is from the Original "Harden", please contact the manufacturer, I am more than sure they will stand behind their product. They are - I think - THE oldest furniture manufacturer in USA.

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Henkel Harris is pretty good. Handcrafted does not always translate into quality.

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