Help! Wood looking tiles being laid in a wrong pattern!

tae763January 8, 2014

Hi all,

My contractor laid my tiles in halves instead of what we agreed upon (1/3th or more random). He said since kitchen, which have totally different tiles and size, was laid in halves, it would look better if the living room tiles are laid the same way. Now I'm stuck at the point where, what should I do?? Rip these tiles and redo? I guess these tiles cannot be reuse anymore? Does it look bad to leave it halves like this? I don't have enough experience to make this judgement. Can someone give me an input? Thank you very much!

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Just for you to see the room pattern. It's basically 3 rectangular rooms and be hide the wall is the kitchen.

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I'm really conflicted on this. I generally prefer the random look but since the tiles are all the same length and aren't all that long, I don't mind the uniform pattern.
At the very least I'd be irritated that I asked for it one way and got something different without being consulted.

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Thank you for the reply JFC. Yes, the tiles are not very long, and I have no idea if I will or will not like the uniform way. I guess my question is, is the uniform way look normal? Do people lay these kind of tiles like that? I don't want to rip the whole thing out if it's not necessary, so is it necessary is the main question (necessary = bad looking and will bug me so bad that it has to be redone)?

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Wood-Look tiles should be typically be laid in 1/3 dimensions BECAUSE they are generally somewhat "bowed." If you lay them in halves, you'll get lippage. If you go with "thirds," it is minimized.

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Thank you StoneTech. That's my thought too, but is halve really "bad"?

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I have to agree with Stone Tech. Visually I find that halves looks good with this tile. If there is no serious lipage between the tiles, I'd say leave it. A more random layout of this tile might give you a result that would look chopped and possibly a little odd.

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My feeling mirrors that of glennsfc. If the product had longer and random lengths I'd say lay it random. With the shorter uniform lengths it's harder to get a decent stagger distance between the end joints. I think the 1/2 overlap is acceptable. It looks nice in the picture and will look great once it's grouted.

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Thank you all for your input!

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SO!!!!???? what did you decide to do?
i was in a very similar situation early december. so curious to hear more!!!!

also. what is the name of that tile? it looks like it might even be the exact same tile as ours too.

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"Halves" can be bad if there is significant "bowing" to the material....that's why the 1/3 plan seems to work best as it minimizes the "toe trippers..."

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