What experience have you had with Nantuckit Furniture?

jfkdebJanuary 11, 2009

Hi! I am thinking about purchasing a slipcovered sectional from Nantuckit furniture at www.nantuckit.com. Who makes their furniture? What is the quality of the furniture? Any feedback or experience regarding this online furniture store would be great - Thank you!

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I went there and clicked "About Us."

I personally would hesitate to do business with a company that does not list their street address.
Just a toll-free number isn't good enough for me...

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We bought a leather sofa called the Warren from them this summer. They're based right outside Nashville TN. I have family there and know the area where the offices are located. I love our sofa. It's incredibly heavy and sturdy and the leather is gorgeous. Solid wood frame and 8 way hand tied springs.
We had a great experience with the company overall. We bought a showroom sample and had issues finding someone to deliver it to us 200 miles away. Rather than risk a shady company or have me pay outrageous shipping, the manager (may have been a co-owner) brought it himself. He brought along a friend and couldn't have been nicer, plus they charged me the same $90 shipping special they offered online.
I have zero complaints. We're buying a matching sofa this spring.

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Do you have an address for Nantuckit in Nashville TN?

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Forgot to add...

I ask because I see no leather at all on the Nantuckit website.
AND I see no sofa called the Warren.

Maybe they are not the same???

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I have no experience but their address is on their web site
Nantuckit Furniture Company
1612 Westgate Plaza
Suite 217
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

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AngC - Thanks for posting. Your leather sofa looks great and comfy! Did the showroom where you purchased the leather sofa also carry the slipcovered/upholestered furniture?

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Also no experience but I also snooped around the website and found the leather sofa named Warren. It's a bit odd (the site isn't the best) but "leather" does show up on the Site Map. On the Leather page, it does show the Warren model (looking much like the one shown above, but in red leather)

Here is a link that might be useful: Warren sofa

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geez... you should NOT have to act like a detective for this sort of info!

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The website is weird now. It's been redesigned (obviously for the worse) since I found the site back in June. Their leather sofas used to be right there on the toolbar of the front page. Now, I had to Google "Nantuckit leather sofa" in order to find it. I don't know what the deal is with that!
We didn't go to the showroom to buy the couch. I had already been looking at another of their couches online and ordered leather swatches when I saw their ad for several of their floor models chairs and couches for sale. We bought it sight unseen. Risky, but since I knew they were legit, we took the chance. Really,the fact that I could drive right by their offices made a huge difference to me.
The couch is really comfortable and well made. We didn't pay the price on the website, since it was a floor model, but it is a good deal even at full price. They have a lifetime warranty on the entire couch (frame,springs,cushions,and leather) which is what made me really interested in the company at all. Of course, if they go out of business, the warranty is worthless, but again I took the chance.
I don't know it if eases your mind, but it is a real company, with real offices, and real local people working there.

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AngC - Thank you again for your responses! I really do appreciate your time in providing feedback on this company. I've been doing research to find any information and yours has been the most helpful.

I did ask Anna at the company what would happen if they went out of business - the lifetime warrenty would be honored by the manufacturer.

I'll plan to post again - if I decide to order from them and provide feedback on the process and product.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts!

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Bumping this because I'd love to see more feedback on Nantuckit.

We are looking for a smaller sectional with traditional/casual style, and fabric durability/cleanability is an issue. Nantuckit looks like a good fit and I was impressed with the customer service person I talked with yesterday, but I'd like to hear from more people who own their sofas or chairs.


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We bought a beautiful sectional from Nantuckit several months ago. Their prices were very good, but most impressive was their first rate customer service. They were helpful with fabric selection through delivery, and then some. We had an issue with one of the slipcover pieces. They corrected the problem promptly and happily. I bought a sofa from Berhardt/Martha Stewart several years ago that has held up terribly. When I contacted them in regard to the issue, they told me I was 4 months out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. It is becoming increasingly rare to find the caliber customer service Nantuckit provides, especially on the web! I would recommend their company and their products wholeheartedly.

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I ordered a sofa and paid for it the 29th of Oct. I'm still waiting for it to arrive. First I was told it would ship the week of Dec. 9th, then the 20th. Its now the 11th of January. I have yet to hear from the delivery co. If you like delays, and waiting, they might be for you.

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I am pretty sure that Four Seasons furniture makes their sofas. if you look at the websites many of the pictures are the same.

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This is follow-up to the 1/10/11 posting. Furniture arrived 1/15/11. I ordered a classic upholstered sofa and ottoman, called the "Johnson" The sofa was great. I would not necessarily recommend this style though. The rolled padded back extends past the back of the sofa causing a six inch tunnel that you can see from the side if the sofa if placed agaist the wall. If put it in the center of a room, you could put a sofa table behind it, but because of the angled rolled back you wouldn't be able to place anything on the table. As I mentioned above, I also ordered an ottoman. They brought me a chair instead. This was a delivery mix up that was resolved today with a 2nd delivery. The sofa is made by Clayton Marcus, www.claytonmarcus.com. Their a portfolio co. of Rowe fine furniture, and all their products are top notch. If you live in Southern California, I would check out stores in that area for the style you like before you order from Nantuckit. Nantuckit will give you a better price, (no sales tax and free shipping), most of the time. However to see it in a showroom first has it's benifits. I wish I had done that first. I probably would have picked a different style. If fact I did try to change the style two weeks after I ordered it, but it was too late. The people at Nantuckit are great. It's all custom made, so production delays are possible. Especially aroud the holidays. Delivery mistakes are just a part of life. I was just unlucky, and a victim of people not paying attention to what their doing.

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Although I haven't bought anything yet my impression of them is that their customer service is very lacking. I love the look of their slipcovered pieces but at this point I'm a bit afraid to order from them. 2 weeks after requsting fabric samples I've yet to receive them and I've gotten conflicting stories, which scares me to do business with them. I just came on here to see if there were any reviews.

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I received my large sectional sofa from Nantuckit Furniture about a month ago and I love it! There was a problem with the connecting clips not extending far enough. A technician was scheduled within days to fix it. No problems so far.

I also had great customer service when it came to the samples. I ended up with about 30 samples.

I would buy another product from them without hesitation.

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We recently purchased Taylor Scott love seat and sofa with slipcovers. We had received very prompt information regarding samples. The sofa and love seat arrived on time but did not have the correct slipcovers. I wanted the correct ones, spoke with Anna and she said that Taylor Scott would fix the ones we had on our furniture. This meant returning the slip covers. They sent a shipping label and a very small box that would not even hold one of our slip covers along with one mailing label. I wrote that I would not accept any damaged covers including creased or wrinkled covers as a return. Of course they returned with creases and wrinkles. The fabric is ruined because of the creases, it had to be shipped in a box too small for it to fit properly. The love seat fits perfectly but the bottom of the sofa slipcover is too big and does not fit properly. I'm still waiting to see if Taylor Scott will honor the purchase and send us a new slip cover that actually fits and does not have creases or wrinkles. Three months later and +$5000 and I still do not have nice new slip covers.

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I purchased the Abercrombie sofa and loveseat from the cottage collection. We recently received it and absolutely love it. I compared against Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and others before settling on Nantuckit Furniture Company. I am very satisfied with my furniture.

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Horrible customer service!! Bought a twin chair sleeper in December 2014 and I still don't have it. They use A & O Home Delivery for all shipping and if you can't make the one date and time they give you, be prepared to wait another 3-4 weeks. I'm now on my second date (they called me 4 days before the planned delivery date: Saturday from 5-9) so I'm still waiting. Nantuckit was no help at all. Save you wits and go somewhere else!! I also agree with the other reviewer that waited weeks for the swatches. Crazy!

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Its sounds like your issue is with the delivery company. Home delivery is not an exact science. You can use a large common carrier who will be much faster and deliver your order next week except that there will be a very high probability that your order would be damaged.

What are the options then available to the retailer such as this company?. I can tell you the last thing the company wants is for your order to be delivered damaged. The only way to accomplish this is with a home delivery service such as the one they use A and O. Most of these companies originate in North Carolina. The companies schedule routes to the various areas, such as the Southeast, the Northeast, the Midwest etc., the West Coast etc. These companies will run a truck to each area. They will collect orders from their retailers and no matter what their retailers say, no matter how much they push and cajole that truck will not leave until it is full. They can't. The home delivery business is a low margin, low profit business, if they were to ship half full trucks the delivery company would soon go out of business.

Most of these delivery companies go to most of the areas every 2-5 weeks depending on the location. Unfortunately as was your case and for whatever reason, you were not able to keep the next date to your area and apparently they go to your area every 3-4 weeks. 4 days advance notice by the way is fairly typical. If you miss a truck you have to wait for the next truck.

The only way around this would be for your retailer to find another service to deliver your order sooner if one would have been in your area sooner.

You purchased your sleeper in December 2014 ( you don't say when in December) and it is now March 2, 2015 it really hasn't been an outlandish amount of time for a special order. Your delivery issue could really have happened with any retailer as they do not own the delivery companies and are subject to their schedules.

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