Process to Refinish Coffee Table

swimmanJanuary 14, 2014

I'm in need of refinishing the top of our Stickley coffee table as we unfortunately left it unprotected for the kids to ravage. Next time will be different.

I plan to refinish it myself but having never done this, I have a couple of questions.

-Can I use an orbital sander to strip the tabletop potion or should I do all sanding by hand?

-I've contacted Stickley to determine where I can get their color locally. However, should I try to get a matching color at a local hardware store or any other thoughts on where to procure the stain?

Any other comments as I want the table to come out well and can bring it to a professional but thought this would be a good project for my son and I.

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I'd start with something like Kleen Strip before I got too aggressive with sandpaper.

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No orbital sanders! They are much too hard to control. Is just the finish marked, or are there gouges requiring sanding? As the person above states, strip it first. YouâÂÂll have to do it outside: the fumes are very noxious. If you do have gouges, either sand by hand ( a coffee table is not that big) or use a belt sander. (IâÂÂve refinished a lot of furniture, and only had to use an electric sander once, on an oak kitchen table that had been used as a cutting board.) Either way, sand only in the direction of the grain. If you cross the grain you will send too much time removing the scratches left from the sandpaper. Grade of sandpaper is dependent on how deep your scratches are. You can start with 100 if they are really bad. One they are completely gone, move to 200, etc. Finish with 400 (or if youâÂÂre me, 600).

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