Oops! Teak Oil on Finished Floor

Lisa StevensJanuary 18, 2011

Oops! I wasn't really thinking and rubbed teak oil on a high-traffic area of my polyeurethane-finished oak floor. Now it is a sticky mess (of course, since it didn't have anything to absorb into). To get rid of the stickies, I rubbed the area with Turpenoid Natural (I'm also a painter). The Turpenoid Natural got rid of most of the stickiness but that part of my floor is duller than before. Do I need to strip that area and start over?

For future guidance, is there a better way to add sheen to a polyeurethane floor without needing to add more layers of poly all the time? Looking for a non-toxic, natural solution.

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Try some paint thinner.

Most artist supplies are simply overpriced versions of other products.

You may have damaged the finish, or but if it is still even a little sticky there is still stuff there.

What do you mean by "add sheen"?
If you do not like the gloss level of the finish you can apply a different finish more to your liking.

'Satin' usually is slightly dull, while 'gloss' is as shiny as it gets.

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