Pellet Dust

murf1February 24, 2005

Anyone have any good way to cut down on the amount of dust that ends up in the house from pouring pellets, I am using Vulcan Hardwood this year and the amount of dust in them is unreal, have been sifting them through a screen, but thats kind of a pain, what is a pellet duster and how does it work ??

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I have heard alot about pellet dust, and I am confused. When I pour my pellets in there is close to no noticable dust. However when I clean the stove out there is enough dust, by comparision to make me not want to have the stove.

Maybe it is the way the pellets are put into the stove? I cut the entire top of the bag off, then gently put the bag into the hopper and slowly pull the bag off from the pellets. I then smooth them out slowly by hand and there is no real dust.

To me it seems the more that they are handled the more dust you will create. Just my thoughts though.

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I use Bear Mountain pellets and have virtually no dust at all. Sounds like you got a raw deal on your pellets! Could it be just a bag or 2 that are dusty? Did they get smashed somehow? I'd complain to the company and threaten to return the unused pellets, You stove can't burn dust so a lot of what you paid for is unusable!!

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All pellets will have some dust and people with allergies really have problems. There are several ways to remedy the problem.
One is the screen method... a lot of work
Another is to build an apparatus with a vacuum and some PVC.... I did and it works great.
Or.... buy pre-built pellet duster (see link)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pellet Duster2

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Pellet dust is also referred to as fines. A good manufacturer's pellets will have an absolute minimum of fines. A lot of loose sawdust is either the result of very rough handling or poor quality pellets.

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I have found that most of the Pellet Cleaning devices that I have tried fail miserably in removing enough dust to justify the cost. The problem with most air driven types is that they blow some of the dust (fines) back out, generally in your face. For those of us that suffer from dust allergies, this is unacceptable. The only one I have found to work well and NOT blow dust back is the PelleDuster-2 that jac2086 is referring to above. I've been using mine for going on 2 years and am very happy with it. Just my opinion!

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I too am tired of the dust. My dealer says that he has a gravity fed hopper that filters the pellets from the dust and goes for about 289.00

Has anybody heard of or seen these things? I searched on the internet and found these 2:

This one can hold up to 7 bags and sounds similar to the one my dealer just got:

This one looks pretty neat too. Anybody seen this one?

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Pellet dust (fines) also causes clinkering. The more fines the more you clean your stove! I was in contact with Pennington Seed Company and you can read what they have to say about this issue at:

This is quite a lengthy thread but is full of great information. Be sure to read down towards the end as this thread actually started in 2005.


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