Removing Mantel from Fireplace

MikeInTexasFebruary 7, 2013

I would like to remove a wood mantel from a fireplace. Dose anyone have any advice for how to do this and what surprises to expect? The house was built in 1983. The fireplace is solid brick.

The mantel is original, I suppose. I am not certain how it is connected to the brick, but it feels fairly sturdy.

Thoughts? And, thanks!


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Most likely the mantle is attached tightly to a solid piece of dimensional lumber that is lag bolted into the brick. Look below the mantle and hopefully we will find wood screws that can only be seen from below. Hopefully they haven't been painted over to badly. Remove the screws and carefully pry away the mantle working your way around it starting from below taking care not to bruise the wood or mar the brick. Start with the thinnest tool you have to get the first bite. A cloth between the brick and pry tool will help protect the brickwork. Again important to start at the bottom first as the first few pry's is what may do any damage. Unfortunately the installer may have slathered the thing with wood glue, if so it may not be possible to salvage. I assume you are trying to save it if not please advise.

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