Pellet Stove 'Log Set'

deborellaFebruary 5, 2005

Does anyone have the 'logs' that can be added to a pellet stove for esthetic effect? I am thinking about getting the set that are made for the Quadra Fire to add to the visual appeal. Also, if you have them, do you have to remove them before cleaning the stove each time?

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My experience with the 'log' set from the pellet stove I have is that it was more of a pain in the behind that it was worth. I received it free as part of a sale ($100 of free accessories) when I bought the stove. It is really hard to clean the burn pot and must be removed during occasional cleanings. I pulled it out for the heating season and will put it back in during summer months when the stove is not used.

Not sure about the Quadra Fire design - it might not be in the way as much as mine is.

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I have a Quadra Fire Santa Fe, and I'd really like the logs also, but the guy that installed my pellet pipe for me (he's a professional chimney sweep that services 100's of pellet stoves per year) said that the log set makes the stove harder to clean. He didn't say whether most people just use a vacuum with a brush and clean around them; or if they pull them out to clean.

I'd guess that you'd probably want to pull them out at least once every couple weeks to clean around them.

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