Rebuild inside of Hearthstone Stove

mandy12February 2, 2007

I have owned a HEARTHSTONE stove since 1983 (or perhaps even earlier) it was originally both a COAL and WOOD burning stove. I currently only use it to burn wood.

The metal castings INSIDE the stove need to be replaced.

The outside and soapstone is perfectly fine, but the inside is warped, twisted, some parts appear to be burned out (missing) etc.

I wrote HEARTHSTONE but have not heard from them. I am checking local vendor, but I don't think they do repairs, particularly such a REBUILD of the inside of the stove.

Any suggestions on how best to get this done? I live in Southwest Connecticut.


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Mandy 12,

I too had a Hearthstove soapstone stove for 24 years and had the same problem. The secondary air pipe inside "vaporized" or just plain melted away also with the metal plates inside that protected the stones. I could get a replacement pipe for $100 but could not locate any metal plating. I thought about using fire brick but would have had to build a holding bracket for the bricks. Later I found that the stone about the side door had cracked and the factory said I could only get a replacement stone of a different color which would have spoiled the looks of the stove. My wife and I decided to purchase a new stove , a hand feed coal/wood stove from Harman and are very happy with it. While not as attractive as the soap stone , it provided much more heat which is why they are bought in the first place. An added benefit is that during very cold spells we use nut coal and like the the burn long times , up to 24 hours and that coal does not create creosote.


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