Burning very little non-renewable!

sonny300February 4, 2008

Just a thought for those of you thinking of alternate heating sources.

An EPA wood stove or insert is a good idea. However, if your house isn`t designed for it,don`t expect it to do the whole job. Our`s is not. However,instead of spending 3k per season on oil and propane, we now spend just $800,and another $800 on wood,for a net saving of $1400.

Heating with wood is a good idea,carbon neutral,renewable resource which otherwise just`s go to waste. So if you are thinking about it, yes, it is a good choice,nice heat and better for the enviroment. Most modern EPA certified stoves and inserts produce 4.5 grams of particulates per hour or less. And I know that is a lot less than my old oil-fired boiler. Just don`t tell too many of your friends that you are going to wood heat,otherwise the cost of wood will surely rise as well-lol

I don`t see much of a money savings for pellets,however, they are convenient,heat is constant,and again,carbon neutral,and a renewable resource.

So for those of you sitting on the sidelines. Yep, you will save dollars,be more comfortable,and probably just like us, get used to the constant heat,and maybe realize that the wood chores(splitting,stacking,and carrying) is better than a gym membership.

Now I will feel better if only 1 person decides to commit to a renewable resource.

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It's a toughie: renewable is nice, but so is something that doesn't spew carbon.

I honestly don't know which is better for the planet.

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