Should I install a blower with a replacement fireplace?

fishers4iuFebruary 23, 2009

We had a chimney fire in January and currently we are having the chimney and fireplace replaced. I was interested in a blower but the Chimney company I am working with said it really won't blow hot air because the back of the fireplace will be on an outside wall or something like that. They said the air would intake from the inside and then run behind the fireplace, collect the cold air that is there and then blow that out.

Has anyone had this kind of experience? Is it worth installing it? We were hoping to help heat the family room with the blower but don't want to spend the extra money if it isn't worth it. Thanks for any input.

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If the firebox is properly insulated, the COLD that the air picks up from behind the firebox will not happen. In our own experience with a direct vent gas insert, we almost never use the blower because we do not like the noise. Even at low speed it can be annoying. I cannot say how well is distributes the warm air -- it probably increases the distribution some.

An alternative to consider, but ONLY if you are getting a direct vent system, is to use a ceiling fan that is designed so it can reverse the direction of the air flow -- from blowing DOWN in warm weather to blowin UP when your fire is going. This upward motion will serve to widely distribute the heated air that rises to the ceiling and gently let is flow downward. But you cannot do that with a conventional fireplace because the action of the fan will conflict with the updraft in the chimney that you need to keep you fire going. With a direct vent system, since it is sealed, that is not an issue.

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