Travertine for kitchen: honed & filled, tumbled...?

bristolsunsetJanuary 7, 2012

I usually post in the kitchen forum, but I thought I'd tap into the wisdom of the flooring experts.

We are making choices for a kitchen Reno and are considering the use of travertine for our floors. This will not be ant eat-in kitchen, and there won't be stools at an island. We will use the kitchen for regular family cooking, and we don't have four-legged pets...although we do have two active sons (ages 7 and 9).

We love the look of travertine, but do have some concerns about practicality. Nevertheless, if we go with travertine, would you recommend, honed and filled or tumbled? I am assuming that polished would not make sense in a kitchen.

We welcome any insights. Thank you in advance!

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Honed & filled would be far more practical in that area. Having said that, Travertine is inherently a bit more pourous and DOES require more maintenance. It will stain. It will scratch. I might suggest you look at a porcelean "look-alike" for that area. Trust this: The Maid Will Love You!

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Are you someone who will welcome the first spilled Kool-Aid stain that won't come out? The first big etch from the spilled soda? The little line of scratches from the rock that was embedded in the kid's tennis shoe? The chunk of filling that drops out of one of the holes and leaves you with that hole? Will these be "beauty marks" to you?

Or would you prefer that the floor that you install look exactly like the day it was installed 5 years later?

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Ditto the honed and the questions of aesthetics. We have a light travertine. It hides "regular" dirt way better than I thought, but stains and etches easily.

Also, I would HIGHLY emphasize not going with anything larger than a 12" or 13" square. Ours are 18" and even with the correct sub flooring, etc., we now have have issues with uneven edges. Especially after a couple earthquakes in the past two years causing some house movement.

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Thank you all so much. Excellent issues to think about.

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I would only add that the larger tile can be used but is highly dependent on a really FLAT floor. Tile doesn't care about cares about flat. There should be less than 1/4" variation over ten feet, or less than 1/8" over four. Even then, you need a good tile mechanic to do it right.

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LOVE my honed and filled and sealed floors. I don't really have any scratches or etch marks but lots of dirt from shoes and drops. It sort of blends in but I do have to wash them occasionally. JUSt make sure you have the correct subfloor support for the floors or they will crack. THAT is very important esp in a redo. I will say that I could imagine the holes to get very dark compared to the lighter travertine if you went without honed. Not very pretty after a while as you could not get the dirt out and each wash would make it darker.

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