Anyone own a Lee industries sofa?

sister3January 4, 2006

I had posted before about purhasing a couch and loveseat from EA. We are supposed to give the salesperson our order on Thursday. I started getting nervous when I inquired about the cushions and the construction of the sofa. She told me that they are no longer offering the cushion that they have on ALL of the floor sample couches. They only have one chair in the store that has the new cushion on it. I sat in it and it felt very uncomfortable. It was hard. I definetly don't want a hard sofa.She said the industry specifications have changed for foam cushions due to chemicals. Is this true? I then said I would go for the feather/down/foam option. The inside looked lovely when I investigated it however she can't tell me if the back cushions will have this or the hideously hard piece of foam I sat on for backing. I am getting too many red flags to finalize this sale. To make a long story short I had investigated Circle furniture this past summer. I loved their Lee line. I just didn't want to spend the extra. I am now thinking that it may just be worth doing. Thoughts are very much appreciated. Thanks.

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What is your price range?

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I know nothing about furniture, but I just heard the name Lee Industries this weekend! I was told that Lee Industries makes Crate & Barrel furniture - I don't know if they make all of it, but the make the Bayside sofa.

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Thanks for your replies. Circle furniture carries the Lee brand. I just spoke with a salesperson who said a small sofa would be about $1800. She also said that Hurricane katrina had a big effect on the foam industry and some manufactures have changed. She did say that Lee does their own so they were not affected. I am going to check them out soon. If Lee makes crate&barrel then they are a much better sofa than the ones at EA.

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Funny you should mention Lee. I nearly bought a chair by them last week but wasn't familar with the brand. It was probably the most comfy chair I've ever sat in with a down option cushion. This was a very high end furniture store with lots of Lee sofas/chairs on display. I wasn't thrilled with their fabric selctions however, although there were many to choose from.

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Pensive, If you go to you will learn a lot more about the company. I had them send me a catalogue. I really liked what I saw. They really are one of the most comfortable chairs/sofas I have ever sat on. I agree that they could have more fabrics to choose from. They will use any customer supplied fabric as well. That is a little too much work for me. BUT if I had a certain look in mind or a great upholstery fabric shop nearby it would give me more options. I am headed to Circle furniture next week. I can't wait to revisit this line.

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When I was sofa shopping a couple of years ago, my interior decorator friend suggested Lee Industries as being a very good quality brand for the money. I never could find them and ended up with a Klaussner (went the cheap route) and regretted it.

Fast forward to this morning. Post-katrina has us sofa shopping again. I found a local place that carries Lee. I sat in one and was in love. It was so comfy! The price on the tag for a 92" three-cushion custom sofa was around $2200. They are able to get it for a better price though...I'm waiting on that. The place carries everything from Drexel Heritage to Rowe to Lee to Henredon and said that they absolutely love the Lee Industries line. I sat in a Rowe while I was there (the manu. of Pottery Barn stuff) and it felt much harder. She told me that they upgrade the cushions for all the PB sofas and by the time you do that, you're at the Lee prices. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them.

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We have a Lee Industry chair and the only problem with it is that we fight over who gets to sit on it. It is also way too comfy-makes it hard to go to work. We ordered from Alan Ferguson in High Point and they were great to work with and gave us a much better price than we could get locally (the chair also came in early and they went out of their way to combine a shipment with some other stuff we had ordered from another furniture store). Somebody at the Hickory Furniture Mart(Don Amour?) also carried Lee Industries. You might want to check out these options!

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I researched and looked for sofas for the last year. Lee Industries met all my needs (thanks lizH!) and I need to find them at a lower price than they are available locally.
So what are the prices people are paying for their sofas when bought from places like Alan Ferguson?

I need two sofas or love seats. I just have a too limited budget that has to stretch to accommodate crown molding and
flooring, carpeting and practically all new furniture for our townhome when we find one after selling the farm.

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I have two Lee sofas - the large wedges that are slipcovered (because of the material choice, they look like "formal" slipcovered couches) and a big chair with an ottoman. I couldn't be happier; they're beyond comfortable and, because of the slipcovers that don't look like slipcovers, I can change the look. From what Iunderstand, they don't sell at "discount" furniture stores, but I did get them on sale at Macys'in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not cheap, but they are worth it. The most comfortable couch that I sat on in all of my travels and our guests agree!!!

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I think Alan Ferguson was 50% off list price-much better deal than the local retailer could offer, which was 20%. Ironically, Alan Ferguson shipping was less than the local deivery too.

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Hi Hamptonmeadow,
Just saw my name...Did I recommend them to you earlier? Don't remember the thread, but yes I like this brand. I've sat on some pieces at Don Lamor showroom in NC, and they are comfy and well made. Reasonable prices too and you can really live in this furniture. Not just for show.

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Just note that the Lee Industries sofas at Crate & Barrel do not have 8 way hand tied springs. I was looking at the Cameron sofa since I knew it was Lee (vs McCreary Modern which is the other brand C&B carries) and I asked the salesperson if it came w/ 8 way hand tied springs. She said they do not. They come with sinuous wire springs which I've read on this board, are not as good.

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Has anybody bought a Lee without seeing it in person? We don't have any local stores that carry it here and it makes me nervous to order without actually seeing and sitting on it.

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I've had a Lee chair for about 9 months. It's lovely -- i don't believe in super expensive upholstered furniture (though some want it).

Just ordered a Lee ottoman which they customized for me for very little extra as well. I ordered through Crate and Barrel during their 25% off sale and got the discount on the special stuff I wanted as well. I am very happy with the quality, the finish and the price.

Cynthia, Crate and Barrel is a very good retailer with national delivery. If you were to order a piece of Lee furniture they stock in a fabric they have made up(not custom) you actually could have it delivered to you and hold the delivery guys until you sat on it and saw if you liked it.

If you don't, and it doesn't suit you, they will wrap it up and take it back and give you a refund. The only trick is that you must pay for the delivery (not the return I don't believe).

Don't know where you live but you could go on their website and see which sofas you like. If you don't have a Crate near you and want to do this, shoot me an email and I'll give you the name and # of my guy at Crate. He's like a decorator, knows the whole line and will advise you. He has the same chair I ordered and liked it and I trust his taste and judgment. He helped me decide how to have it upholstered too. No hard sell; he's a doll and great with details.

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I saw a Lee loveseat in person - it was so sharp looking and comfy. I'm going to buy the full size sofa version and probably the apt. size sofa from Alan Ferguson's. Patrick sent me great samps and their price was amazing! I was able to use the $$ I saved to get a new kitchen table!

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Are you saying to look at Lee's website and then you can order any piece through C & B?


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Prettybutton, that is exactly what I was able to do. The bench I ordered was not carried by Crate. But I have such a good salesman there he knows the folks at Lee, called them and ordered the bench for me (and said he could order anything from them as they are a major vendor) and gave me the sale price on it and also on the customizations I wanted -- castors and nailhead trim. Those weren't on the bench originally so first step was to see if they were possible and then to order them up. At one point I wanted to change the leg style and he called about that as well (I couldn't). It's a pleasure.

Obviously, special orders aren't going to be returnable but I know the Lee quality and it's a copy of a bench that's 6 times as expensive. I used the extra fabric he ordered for me when I bought my sofa. I could have gone with one of their leathers (also 25% off) or another fabric.

Last year at this time I took advantage of the same sale (mid Sept-mid Oct) to order a sofa and chair. If I need upholstered things I spend time figuring out what I need and wait for this so I can get the customizing at 25% off. I have access to the wholesale market as well and have gone through the showrooms. To order a sofa from one of the Brand names would have doubled the cost and I honestly couldn't see double the quality. Custom is also available here and, of course, if you're going with that from a high end upholsterer it's a whole different game. But again, I just cannot see spending thousands on upholstered furniture which basically depreciates to the Craigslist level the day it's delivered. But that's me and others may not agree.

Don't know if every Crate store or salesperson can offers this level of knowledge or service but it's worth a visit if that's possible.

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I finally was able to devote some time to furniture shopping sans toddler.

I started at a medium high end store that I had targeted because they carried Sherril (complete w/ Sherril's prevue system on the store's webpage). I was interested in two fully upholstered chairs for my living room.

Turns out the recently dropped Sherril. They had a huge Baker Gallery, Henredon, Centurey, Hancock and Moore leather, Karastan Rugs, etc. Everything was so dramatic, it was nigh impossible for me to sit test anything that would end up in my home. Most pieces very deep with luxurious layers of pillows. About 90% not acceptably comfortable. chairs priced at $3500 and more. So I spent an hour there and made my way to our Crate and Barrel store in Portland, OR. There I found a 80% sit comfortably rate. Though many of the pieces were too low for me and my home decor, I was very pleased with the prices on the stock pieces. Before I realized how pleased I was with the stock pieces, I priced the C&B Lee Savoir Chair (stock $799)--midrange fabric in $1500 range--ouch.
As Rococogurl mentioned, this C&B can custom order any Lee piece. My salesman was very knowledgeable, gentle and helpful. So, I'm going to get the Savoir Chairs in a stock color and keep the Fall sale in mind for Other Lee pieces.
Thanks for the heads up Rococogurl.

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I know many of your are familiar with Lee Sofas. Our new setional's back cushions need to be fluffed up everytime someone sits on the couch because they are made of either down or feathers and it you don't refluff they look sloppy! Any one with this or similar prblem? Are the cushions filled with the wrong stuff? Thanks, Donna.

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I own several pieces of Lee Industries furniture and could not be happier. The construction is outstanding and it is so, so comfortable. I spent about a year researching furniture and found that Lee was really the best out there. I was able to order extra slipcovers that I can change seasonally. I bought mine from Yorkshire Pine in San Diego. They were so helpful and have lots of floor models to try from. You don't have to be in San Diego to buy from them, they will ship anywhere - best part about that is you don't have to pay sales tax !!

Here is a link that might be useful: lee Industries

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Can anyone tell me what I should pay for a down filled apt size couch w/rolled arms???1573-32. Thanks! AMy

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