drain pan under frig to avoid ruined hardwood floors?

dlr98004January 25, 2010

We are installing hardwood floors in our kitchen/family room. When we moved the frig to demolish the old tile floor, we noticed a little water underneath - it had collected in the grout lines. Once the hardwood floors are in, this might have been a disaster! Can we build in some sort of a "water drip pan" or moisture detector under the frig to catch any leaks right away and prevent an expensive repair?

We have not installed the plywood underlayment yet, so we have space to install some sort of a drip pan - just not sure if it is worth it... my leak would probably occur where the pan is not located!!!

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don't think a 'drip pan' would be practical. Seems like a lot of the moisture issues are from slow drips from the water line to your icemaker. If your using prefinished flooring then if you had a problem you could simply do a board replacement for the damaged area. There are very inexpensive moisture alamrms you can find in catalogs that would alert you to a moisture issue. Most are sold for hot water tanks but would work for what you want as well.

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I agree...find out what is happening with your refrigerator...could be as simple as an icemaker leak or a cracked drip pan or a drip plan that is not in its proper place.

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