Cherry Bedroom Furniture

frank1203January 10, 2008

Hi. I have looked high and low for king-size bedroom furniture made in dark cherry that is very traditional. Maybe something in cherry with polished brass handles. One of the problems I'm having is finding the right bed. I'm not a fan of a sleigh bed or a long poster bed and that is almost everything I've seen. I also need a triple dresser, mirror and nightstands. Can anyone recommend a good website or furniture company that might have what I'm looking for? i thought buying this kind of furniture would be easy but I'm sorely mistaken.

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Cherry wood itself has become quite expensive, which is one reason you may have difficulty locating a traditional bed. Not sure that I've ever seen a bed with brass handles on it, but when I need a special project bed, or have a customer that would like something very high quality, I go to Stephen Plaud. They make some of the finest beds in America, if not THE finest (Price ranges for beds from $ 3,000 to $ 30,000). I'll post the website link here, but you won't be able to zero in on the beds as they have detailed photos available only to their dealers (to prevent copying of their designs)

-Duane Collie

Here is a link that might be useful: Stephen Plaud Beds

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Thanks for your idea, but its a little too expensive for me. No recommendations on a furniture company that might make several lines of cherry. I really only want to spend about 4K for everything (bed, triple dresser, mirror and night stands)

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Chatham furniture - in Massachusetts
Tom Seely Furniture - in West Virginia

These are two companies that deal in Solid Cherry Bedroom groups and are American made. Good Quality too.

I think 4K is a bit conservative for a solid Cherry Bedroom suite. I typically see prices start around 5 to 6K for the Suite. I'm not saying they don't exist but nothing comes to my mind that has a good quality level.

Anything in the 4K range may be an import and not necessarily cherry. I've seen companies lowball prices only to find out it's a cherry veneer or maple sides with cherry fronts.

A nice option may be Maple with a red stain finish (or what is sometimes reffered to as a "cherry" Finish). This may allow you to save about 10% below the cost of Cherry.

Good Luck on your search.

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Thanks. I've already looked into the Chatham lines and found a set I loved (called Penn Valley Cherry), that of course got discontinued. I'll check into the Tom Seely site now.

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I was torn between the four poster bed and the panel bed.
I am not a fan of the sleigh beds, I ended up with Thomasville - Cabot house- bridges, with the high back panel and paneled footboard. I got the armoire and put a nice 32" flat-screen TV in it. The triple dresser and two end tables. This might be in your price range.

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Take a look at the Choices collection from Brown Street Furniture. I think this will fit your price target. Solid wood made in USA. You can choose your top, drawer, door and base styles to create your own look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Choices by Brown Street Furniture

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Thank you all for your responses. I'm especialy intrigued by the recommendation on Brown Street furniture. I went into their website and it does appear that they have many choices and offer alot of flexibility. As I had previoulsy mentioned, my issue seems to be finding the right bed. Their bed selections were ok, but I wasn't blown away.. Since they seem to be such a custom oriented type outfit, I'm wondering if they would make a variation of one the beds I saw under the Choice Cherry line. Do you know? I think I will call them and find out. Thanks again.

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If you haven't checked out Orville and Meade or Durham (same maker, different lines), they make very good quality, solid wood furniture at a very reasonable price. Both have websites that are a bit cheesy but again, the quality is good for the price and it's not veneer. I think boyes in NC and both carry the line and deliver coast to coast.

I'm certainly no expert, but "very traditional..cherry with brass" but "not a fan of poster or sleigh beds", it seems a bit contradicting. Most cherry/brass traditional bedroom pieces are mated with a sleigh or poster type bed. Though, I suppose there some federalist type pieces that strike that balance without poster or complete sleigh.

Thomasville has some stuff like that as well within your budget.

There's Henkel Harris, but much pricier.

BTW, don't take my "contradiction" term the wrong way. We've got old bedroom stuff too and I've been looking for I'm in the same boat.

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Hello backsweat and thanks for your excellent response. I did check out the websites you provided and I would say that Orville and Meade is more of what I'm looking for. However, I'm getting into the problem with the bed again.. I don't think I'm being contradictory regarding what I'm looking for as far as the bed. Personally, I think a panel bed with a low footboard, falls more in the traditional look than a sleigh bed. Honestly, I have really tried to like a sleigh bed but I feel enclosed. I even considered findinga bed with a headboard only and and attaching it to the bed rail. Most furniture companies don't give that option though. I found a really nice set at Macy's the other day. It was a "louis phillipe" style which was very nice and the price was right, but all they offered was the sleigh bed. So, I keep searching (its been almost 3 months). What I am finding is that when I see a style I like, it usually comes with a sleigh or poster bed only OR.. if I see a bed I like, the rest f the set doesn't come in the pieces I need (ie: triple dresser, etc.)

Initially I found a beautiful set by American Drew called "Cherry Grove", but I found it to be a little too feminine looking as I am looking for something more neutral. As I mentioned in my original post - I found a great set by Chatham called "penn valley" and of course it was discontinued. Believe me - I did look at Thomasville and No - there was nothing in my budget. In fact, very overpriced.

So, I am frustrated and feel like I'm back to square 1. If anyone has any other ideas, I am all ears. All I want is something traditional in cherry with amore of a panel bed and low (or no) footboard. Thanks to all.

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You might want to look at Statton Furniture, made in USA, solid cherry, traditional bed styles. I ordered the Pineapple Bed directly from them...I thought the price was reasonable... they also will work with you to get what you want...

Here is a link that might be useful: Statton Furniture

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I loved the Statton Furniture! Plenty of choices. I then called a dealer and my area and practically fell over when they told me the price of the pieces that I liked. Great idea, but about double what I wanted to spend (about $4K for a king bed; 2 night stnads and a triple dresser/mirror). Thanks anyway for trying. I am open to all suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

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I just read my last post and it was confusing. What I meant to say was that I wanted to spend about $4K, but the Statton stuff I liked was almost double from that.

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Oh...I bought my bed in conjunction with the factory sale they had at the end of the year and purchased directly from the company...put yourself on the sale signup at their website and they will notify you next time they have one. Maybe you could buy just a piece or two at a time, buying when they have the sales...just a thought!

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Many furniture manufacturers have begun offering their beds with low footboards over the past few years. I know that Brown Street offers any bed with a low footboard at a 20% discount.

A bed with a low footboard is far superior to a headboard attached to metal (or harvard) frame. The headboard will wobble no matter how securely it is attached to the metal frame.

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Frank did you check out durham furniture--also solid wood and made by orville and meade? Check out the Chateu Fontaine stuff from Durham its like the louis philip' stuff you'll see at macy's but better quality for reasonable price. They have the LP style dressers and stuff and a panel bed with lower foot board.

Their website is cheesy looking but I assure you it doesn't do the furniture justice.

From the Orville and meade line, the Lorainne (Phillip) collection has the sleigh bed but the end is relatively low as far as sleighs go. There's the euro bed too, but not sure if you'd dig the curves. (but lower bed)

I also saw the lincon heights stuff in a higher end furniture store in chicago area and it looked really nice. They may have even had the bed paired with the Phillip stuff. Solid wood, nice rubbed finish.

I'm not affiliated with either outfit, but can't say enough about them for the price point.

You can check out Nichols and Stone too. Pretty cheesy site, but decent furniture. May have been the stuff you saw at macy's.

Good Luck.

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Hi, Once again, thanks to all for your responses and ideas. I have checked them all out. I am happy to report that I did finally find something and placed the order! I looked into Vaughan-Bassett furniture and found a set called "Louis" also named "Barnburner 13", which again is very similar to everything I've been seeing and what has been recommneded here at this site. What got me over the edge was the bed. They offer a beautiful "low profile bed", which has an extremely low footboard which a sleigh looking headboard. Very nice and the price was right! It is cherry with brass handles. Here is the link. Pay particular attention to the low profile bed.

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Hi. I'm looking at buying some Vaughan-Bassett furniture and have been trying to locate reviews/critiques online before I order but have had little luck. I came across your forum post and was wondering if you had received your furniture? Was the quality good? Any problems? I really love the set I found and want to place my order. Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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Check out the new furniture line by Virginia Sterling. Apparently, one of the Durham furniture executives started this line and it is priced moderately and looks very similar to the Durham line. It's also made here in USA. I saw it this weekend at a local retailer and it looked very nice. It is solid wood with dovetailed drawers, etc.. but the price is very reasonable. There is no website to go to yet, so I don't know exactly how you can find a dealer. I saw it at Winchendon Furniture.

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Virginia Sterling is made by Vaughan Furniture Co. Here's an article in Furniture Today.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vaughan Furniture/Virginia Sterling

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Hello Jneider- Very sorry that I had not gone in and checked your post. I know its been a month or so, but I wanted to quickly respond. I did receive my vaughan-bassett bedroom furniture approximtaley 2 weeks and I absolutley love it. The quality and workmanship are great and the finish is beautiful. Everything appears very well made. I have only one drawback and its regarding the bed. The rails that came with my king size bed are significantly longer than the mattress/boxspring so a 5 inch gap is created between the footboard and the mattress. They tell me this is normal, but i don't like it. Bottom line is they were very supportive and are in process of sending me shorter rails to alleviate this problem. Other than that - I am loving everything. What is the latest status with your furniture?

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They may have sent you California King Rails.

They are 4" longer than standard King Rails.

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I have a Cherry Wood Bedroom Suite (Queen bed, dresser, & chest of crawers) that is at least 50 years old. It is real cherry and in excellent condition. $3900 for the set. Email:>.

All the best,
Pip Street

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I know it's 3 years later but I wish I had seen these postings then! I have exactly what 'Frank1203' was looking for- 1980 Statton Trutype Americana Oldtowne Cherry King bedroom suite, with 2 poster headboard (with pineapple top), High dresser (8 drawers), low dresser (10 drawers) and 2 beautiful nightstands (drawer on top, 2 door opening below) which I am now trying to sell! Does anyone know what might be a reasonable selling price? The pieces are in great working condition but have a few nicks, etc. on the top finish. I live in the Wilmington, Delaware area - thanks for any input!

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