visa ipo

xminionFebruary 27, 2008

Greetings all,

Anybody know how a small investor can get in on the action of this one?

Any info appreciated!


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The bulk of the shares probably will be allocated to retail brokers. Here's more info.


Shop for a broker that has an allocation of Visa shares. If the IPO is really hot, only investors with large accounts will be able to buy shares.

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The U.S. has huge gov't. debt.

They are running a high deficit, substantially due to a major war that was won long ago in Iraq ... but the peace wasn't.

The value of the U.S. Dollar is dropping, worldwide - there is the suggestion that the government is printing money.

There are huge personal debts as well.

Many people are losing their homes because they couldn't afford mortgage payments when they were renegotiated to require that they pay the full ongoing rates.

There's large credit card debt.

Visa is hoping to sell a huge number of shares, at a substantial price.

Some IPOs go up after issue.

Many do not.

If you're quite familiar with the markets, maybe participate.

If not ... how about getting involved with something less risky?

More middle-of-the-road, traditional, quality ... that has good prospects?

If you get into something rather exotic, early in your investing career, and get burned, it's probable that you'll decide to leave that game altogether, letting others manage your money ...

... and make more on it than you do.

Learn the ins and outs of managing your own.

If you want to get involved, talk to a regular stockbroker, as deerslayer suggested ... and choose one with care ... remember, s/he's primarily a salesperson.

ole joyful

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