Beds & Bad Backs

vampiressrnJanuary 5, 2010

I have had a very bad back for over 30 years. Protruding discs...blah blah blah...I won't bore you with the details. There have been several times in the past when I woke up in severe pain and ended up in the ED. 3 years ago I bought a new home and prepared for my move over several months. I did not have a King Sized bed at the time so bought one in advance with lots of other furniture and stored it close to the new digs. The bed I bought was an off-white linen sleigh bed and it came with 2 side tables and a couple of lamps...package deal from Spiegel. So I also was shopping for mattresses, tried the Tempur-Pedic and fell in love with it, so bought it to have it delivered to my new home. I guess I didn't pay close attention to the bed description, because when the movers set it up and put the mattresses in it I was shocked. I expected a regular height but it was a high bed (had to get a step stool to climb in). Well...that has turned out to be a blessing for my back. First of all, the Tempur-Pedic is wonderful and I sleep so much better in it than any other bed I have ever used. The amazing thing though is the height. I do have to use a step to get in which is not a problem, but getting out is so easy on the back. You are in a full standing position when you get out, so no more painful leaning forward and straining to stand. If you have a bad back, I highly suggest trying a Tempur-Pedic or other high quality mattress and definitely the high bed.

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I think it could go either way on this one. I bought a memory foam mattress topper and it really helped my back, so I could see this being a legit post. Either way, you don't necessarily need to pay for Tempurpedic. Our topper came from costco and I'm thrilled with it.

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I also have a long history of back problems and love, love, love my high bed. I can't remember who made the mattress (no spam here, LOL), but this bed saved my life after my back surgery when I wouldn't have been able to get in and out of a regular height bed at all.

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You must get a lot of spam on this board as this is the second time someone has accused me of it...rather discouraging to newbies...LOL. I am not a spammer.

I thought it would be helpful to share my experience with the high bed and use of a quality mattress any style or brand. I can't believe I was over 50 years old before I realized how important a good mattress was and that a high bed could be a benefit and not a decorating item to stay away from.

Thanks warmfridge for sharing my viewpoint. Hopefully this kind of information will help others that have back trouble. Wish someone had clued me in many years ago.

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